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Wednesday Midday (6 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 20-September-2006  11:59:48 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Xbitlabs checked out how modern video cards perform in Vista. We want to fill in the blank and carry out a test of today’s graphics cards in the publicly available version of Windows Vista using a few popular games.

They also have some info on an affordable quad-core from Intel. Intel’s first quad-core microprocessor for desktops - Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 - is projected to operate at 2.66GHz, use 1066MHz processor system bus and come equipped with 8MB level two cache (4MB unified L2 per physical die).

MadShrimps have a high-end PSU roundup, with 3 units compared. Today we're taking a look at some high-end power supply's from 3 well known brands : OCZ, Silverstone and Sharkoon. The PSU's we are looking at are 700-750W units, and there for geared towards the so called "enthusiast" community of dedicated gamers, high-end users and overclockers.

Adam spotted a new game on the way, focussing on schoolyard bullying. The game, produced by the makers of Grand Theft Auto and due for release next month, is promoted as an "action adventure in which you can rip your school apart".

Arthur sent in info about Microsoft’s Zune. The Zune digital media player from Microsoft is available in three colors: black, white and brown.

They also apparently have a YouTube wannabe on the way, thanks Nick. Soapbox will be offered to a limited number of users during an invitation-only test phase, but Microsoft said on Monday it will go fully live as a part of MSN Video within six months.

TGDaily have more interesting stuff about using your GPU for general computation, thanks Murray. Simply by adding the horsepower of graphics cards to an existing computer, the company claims that the original system can be accelerated by a factor of 20x.

LegionHW compared the 7950GT and X1900XT in the "value performance" video card arena. Therefore, while the GeForce 7950GT has successfully bridged the gap between the 7900GT and 7900GTX, it has also brought some much needed competition to the Radeon X1900XT.

From n2o: found a site hosted by Amnesty International promoting the freedom of speech on the net. hope we can get people to sign the pledge for internet freedom. Interesting. Amnesty International, with the support of The Observer UK newspaper, is launching a campaign to show that online or offline the human voice and human rights are impossible to repress.

Here's a pretty cool forum thread that had me flashing back to childhood.. Mitch01's Guess The Nostalgic Toy thread in The Pub.

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