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The OCAU Events are over! (22 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 24-September-2006  21:02:17 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

Well, with the end of the Sydney BBQ, two weekends worth of OCAU folk getting together to socialise, throw balls down lanes, shoot each other with lasers, pass people on the inside under brakes and other shenanigans has come to a close.

Thank you to everyone who came along to various events in both Brisbane and Sydney. Between event issues and cancellations, and extreme weather conditions at both BBQ's (Pouring rain in Bris, hurricane winds in Syd), everything went well and I'm pretty sure most folk had a good time. Well, no one's complained yet.

And yes, before other people ask, we will do more in the future and in other major cities, but we need a break first. ;)

Speaking of we, time to thank people: Thanks to Wolfy for assisting greatly in the organisation of things and for cooking at Brisbane; Travis, Brother of Wolfy for BBQ loanage; Bern, Wedgie, Sabz, Meowmix and TheTron for photos and videos in Bris; Er... I dunno if anyone took photos yet in Syd, but when they appear, I'll thank them too; Teddy for guiding us various places in Syd and making sure we didn't go insane and of course Agg, for... I can't remember. Some junk.

Anyway, thanks once again to everyone who turned up and made the two weekends a great time. Cheers!

(Agg on the left, myself on the right, yes, I know I'm pulling a bit of a fruity face, but that wasn't red cordial in my glass, ya know. :P )

For a recap on everything, links to related threads:
The main OCAU Weekend discussion thread.
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Agg edit: thanks to Sciby for organising it all, and to everyone who took part. Hope you had a great time, we did. :)

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