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Tuesday Morning (16 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 26-September-2006  01:56:57 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Digit-Life have some info on upcoming goodies from AMD, including quad-core CPUs and its relationships with Dell and ATI.

They also report on a new motherboard from ASUS with three PCI Express x16 slots, suggesting the third is for GPU-based physics acceleration. However TheReg reckon they slipped up and hinted at an upcoming physics card from nVIDIA.

Meanwhile if you thought the Pentium name was dead, DailyTech seem to think it'll be back with Conroe-L CPUs from Intel. Three Pentium E1000 models will be available initially. These models include the Pentium E1060, E1040 and E1020 clocked at 1.80, 1.60 and 1.40 GHz respectively.

BCCHW compare a big hdd and a fast hdd. We realize they are not technically in the same class seeing as the Raptor is a 10k rpm drive, while the Samsung is a 7200 rpm drive, but we thought it would be an interesting comparision to see the diferences between the two.

LG have advised that they do not, in fact, have plans for a combined Blu-ray and HD-DVD player. A ray of hope in the standards war, however, is a disc that could be played in either type of player.

From Wayne: This guy made his own DIY car for $2500 out of two modified scooters. It is really efficient with an average efficiency of 85 mpg (36.1 km/litre) and a top efficiency of 100 mpg (42.5 km/litre) in "economy mode" which tops out at 64km/h.

From Bern: Nvidia have started releasing beta Linux drivers, starting with version 1.0-9625 for x86, AMD64/EM64T, Solaris x64/x86 and FreeBSD.

TweakTown spent some time with Brian Kim from Zalman. Nothing too deep mind you, but certainly enough to wet our taste buds and get us thinking about what Zalman has planned for the future in terms of company direction and new products.

OCModShop spotted some free USB memory utility software available for Tuesday only. Their links seem to be broken, so the vendor's site is here.

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