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Friday Morning (10 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 6-October-2006  10:30:21 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Here's a bit more coverage of ATI's Stream Computing and Folding@Home: PCPerspective, TGDaily, AnandTech, DriverHeaven. Ambush notes: Catalyst 6.20 will enable GPU-acceleration for the Folding@Home client for Windows XP for X1900- and X1950-series cards.

HotHardware spotted Intel investing in PowerVR video cores. PowerVR video cores support a wide range of compressed video formats including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, WMV, and VC-1 for single and multiple streams from SD to HDTV formats.

Virtual-Hideout have a rant about what Vista won't fix. Say you are searching for some music (opera for example), but you also have a program called "Opera" that you happen to use as your internet browser. Vista will just assume that you want to run Opera.exe when you hit enter, and not do a search for it.. $#%^@

Bern spotted a phone that does GSM and WiFi. With a press of the V-CLICK button, the phone activates or deactivates the Wi-Fi connection that allows users to access websites or an Internet phone service.

Here's an interesting visual representation of the internet, thanks Wayne. The graph reflects 926,201 IP addresses and 2,000,796 IP links (immediately adjacent addresses in a traceroute-like path) of topology data gathered from 22 monitors probing approximately 865,000 destinations spread across 77,678 (50% of the total) globally routable network prefixes.

DigitalTrends went along to the WIRED NextFest 2006 recently. Itís a showcase of emerging technology that could one day change the world we live in.

PCMechanic reckon that RTFM is important, and proves it by finding some little-known but handy features in Notepad. But you would have known them, had you bothered to read Notepad's help.

Andypoo sent word that Skype 1.3 for Linux has gone gold! And if it doesn't work, we know who to blame.. :)

Here's an odd little timewaster.. Line Rider from hiroroolz.

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