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Thursday Evening (7 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 12-October-2006  19:04:07 (GMT +10) - by Agg

ArsTechnia have an interesting article about Disney-ABC and piracy. "So we understand piracy now as a business model," said Sweeney in a recent analyst call. "It exists to serve a need in the marketplace specifically for consumers who want TV content on demand and it competes for consumers the same way we do, through high-quality, price and availability and we don't like the model. But we realize it's effective enough to make piracy a key competitor going forward. And we've created a strategy to address this threat with attractive, easy to use ways to for viewers to get the content they want from us legally; in other words, keeping honest people honest."

ExtremeTech take a look at AMD's quad-core Barcelona architecture. It's probably fair to suggest that Barcelona is to the current Opterons as Intel's Core 2 is to the Pentium M - designed from the ground up, on a base of the old with a lot of new stuff rolled in.

IBM meanwhile have ramped up their Power6 chip to 5GHz. By doubling the frequency of its current Power5 design, IBM is swimming against the current of recent chip designs that sacrifice frequency for power efficiency. Instead, IBM cut its power draw by making the chip more efficient, with improvements like computing floating point decimals in hardware instead of software, he said.

Spamhaus warn there may be more junkmail on the way now that their domain is due to be suspended. According to Spamhaus, more than 650 million Internet users - including those at the White House, the U.S. Army and the European Parliament - benefit from Spamhaus' "blacklist" of spammers that helps identify which messages to block, send to a "junk" folder or accept. Losing the domain name would make it more difficult for service providers and others to obtain the lists.

How about resting your overengineered gaming mouse on your overengineered gaming desk? :)

Jimms sent word of a broken up internet warning. The internet was increasingly being shaped by companies and organisations at the "edges" and not by government, public sector bodies and regulators, he said.

XbitLabs took another look at NVIDIA's Quad SLI. We’re going to give quad SLI a second try today to see if it has matured enough to be truly useful.

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