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Friday Night (1 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 13-October-2006  23:13:37 (GMT +10) - by Cryogenic

Laptop gamers out there will be interested to hear that nVidia has officially announced their latest mobile GPU, the Geforce Go 7950GTX. A press release from nVidia here. There is some coverage also at Hot Hardware and Legit Reviews.

TweakTown have been having some fun with Vista, doing a writeup on Release Candidate 2 from installation to benchmarking. Still with Vista, ExtremeMHz have posted an article on Enabling Aero & Flip 3D. Justin also sent in a few links discussing Vista's End User Licensing Agreement. Read up here, here, and here.

vkinetic sent in some experiences he's been having with XP's genuine detection facility. A system I built for one of my customers, with genuine XP Home installed, suddenly was showing the non-genuine Windows message, and the customer could not receive MS security (and custom) updates. We were able to re-authorise the copy (or at least we received the message from MS that the copy was already authorized), and from that point we could download and install the critical updates. But upon rebooting we again received the same messages and were unable to download the custom updates. Apparently MS are working on a fix. You can find more info here and here.

We get in a lot of news and reviews from PC Perspective. They have a write-up on their recent Server Upgrade. Information on OCAU's servers can be found in the OCAU Wiki. I didn't think our upgrade was that long ago. Where has all that time gone?

No doubt everyone has their take on the recent acquisition of YouTube by Google. DigitalTrends have posted their thoughts on Google, YouTube, and Apple. With everyone focused on the incredibly expensive acquisition of YouTube by Google, attention once again drifted away from the Apple connection to Google and what may be the big long term plan jointly being executed by both companies. So letís take a moment to lay it out. It also appears that YouTube might be sued by a Finnish Broadcasting Corporation.

The Tech Lounge have an article discussing Computers and Cat Litter. Worth a read if you have an indoor cat and use kitty litter as those intake fans don't just suck in air! If that sort of article interests you, I'm sure you can expect more similar stuff in Dan's New Blog.

The Tech Zone have published an article celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Hard Drive. Speaking of storage, Wayne Kruse sent word that Hans Reiser (the programmer behind the Linux file systems ReiserFS and Reiser4) has been arrested in suspicion of murder. Also, here's an interesting thread on eCoustics on whether HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are both doomed.

VR-Zone have an article discussing how the 2007 Dual Core Battle is looking between Intel and AMD. Intel plans to counter 65nm AMD "Antares" dual core processor with their 45nm "Wolfdale" dual core processor based on Penryn core architecture. If all the latest releases of CPUS and sockets is confusing you, check out the Desktop CPU Comparison Guide which has just been updated by TechARP for a quick refresher.

Have a safe weekend all.

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