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Wednesday Morning (5 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 18-October-2006  03:51:30 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Battlefield 2142 has a patch out already, at 17MB. I can't see anything obvious in the textfile saying what the update fixes, though.

Tech-Report have their thoughts about folding on GPUs. There's still a lot of discussion going on about this here in our Team OCAU forum.

Wired have an interesting article about catching a MySpace predator with the help of a script. The automated script searched MySpace's 1 million-plus profiles for registered sex offenders -- and soon found one that was back on the prowl for seriously underage boys.

WTF? Apparently deep-fried coca-cola is the latest hit at US state fairs. The gooey Coke-battered nuggets topped with cola syrup won the "most creative" title at the Texas state fair in Dallas last month. I can feel my arteries hardening, just reading that article.

Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (a version of which powers OCAU's servers beer and BBQ) is moving away from ReiserFS, a file system who's creator is suspected of murdering his estranged wife. As it happens, we moved from ReiserFS to XFS with our latest round of server upgrades, largely due to issues with database performance and CPU load.

Quan-Time spotted this guy who takes his hover-backpack very seriously. Andreas is designing and building a turbine-powered personal flying suit. In principle this is going to be similar to the well-known "Bell Rocket Belt", the difference is the power plant and controlling of the unit.

Hexus have posted some musings about AMD's position and future. There is also a lot of confusion over when exactly AMD will be releasing its quad-core parts. Most sources are still saying the middle of 2007, but an AMD representative recently mentioned to me something about Q1, and there are even some rumours of a November 3rd launch. However, the latter could be confused with the launch of 4x4, which appears to be two dual-core Opterons on Socket F rebranded as Athlon 64 FX and placed on a dual-socket motherboard.

Dan has more letters. In the latest issue: Twisting cable, oil cooled computing, heat pipe fluid, the Virtual Drive of Annoyance, mobile gaming and RJ naming.

Xbit have part 3 of their Core 2 Duo memory roundup, with DDR2-800 kits from Corsair, Crucial, GeIL, G.Skill, Kingston and Mushkin.

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