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Inside Intel Hardware (3 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 23-October-2006  02:53:32 (GMT +10) - by Agg

eva2000 has been busy in our Intel Hardware forum recently:

First, he experimented with lapping an E6700 heatspreader. Decided to lap my E6700 B1 IHS and it's the best lap job i've done so far compared to what I did on E6600s. E6600s didn't gain any clocks or temp reductions when lapped as the IHS was already flat. But E6700 cpu when i started to lap only the 4 corners went to copper for a while so the IHS was definitely concave!

Click for the thread!

Next, he compared three different fans on the Scythe Infinity aircooler: the stock 46.5cfm vs TT 81cfm vs Delta 190cfm.

Click for the thread!

Still not satisfied, he compared air and watercooling on an E6600 CPU.
  • stock Pentium D 2.8Ghz 920D heatsink + Sunon 80x25mm 49cfm fan
  • Thermaltake Big Typhoon + Thermaltake 120x25mm 81cfm fan
  • Scythe Infinity + 2x Thermaltake 120x25mm 81cfm push-pull
  • Corsair Hydrocool 200EX + Thermaltake Big Typhoon LGA775 mounting gear
  • Swiftech G4 Storm Water + Thermochill 120.3/MCP650 Pump

Click for the thread!

Of course, this follows on from his other recent efforts:Although, not to be outdone, Chainbolt has responded with some QX6700 (Quad-Core) overclocking!

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