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Tuesday Night (19 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 2-January-2007  23:33:07 (GMT +10) - by Cryogenic

For those considering jumping onto the Conroe bandwagon (isn't that everyone?), check out LegionHardware's article on E6300 Overclocking for Beginners. overclocking a Core 2 Duo processor such as the E6300 really is quite easy. Clocked at 1.86GHz we found that reaching 3.20GHz using the settings illustrated in this review was all too easy.

OCIA have posted a guide on building a budget system. If you're interested in building something more suitable for the home theatre cabinet, check out TweakTown's article on the Gigabyte H663 Home Entertainment System.

OneEyedDogMan sent a Google Map reference which is of a property in Casula, NSW. Check it out here. Apparently this property is owned by the owner of steggles or some other chicken company and has been designed to look like a chicken.

Tech ARP have an article on Understanding and Mastering Watercooling. Ever wondered about water cooling your PC? Well, wonder no more. AlmostThere will show you everything you need to know about water cooling.

NGOCQ have published an editorial discussing the Lowdown on Warez. This problem has existed since the advent of the Internet and in the last few years it has grown even worse. Today we will analyze the reasons for the increasing amount of piracy among software, games and even music and movies.

Phroronix have coverage of the Masters of the LANiverse LAN party which was recently held in Michigan. See it here. In other PC competition news, the Swedish Computer Performance Competition (SCPC) has come to an end. Some pretty impressive overclocks there. Well worth a peek.

HWZone have posted up some information and benchmarks of Solid State Drives that are being developed by M-System-SanDisk. Some information has also been posted on ATI's RD790 chipset at ChileHardware. Unfortunately not in English, but highlights are: It has HTX support, PCI-E 2.0 compatible with 52 PCI-E lines, HTT 3.0 compatible, Internet Teaming with Dual Gigabit Ethernet, The RD790 Chipset has its own cache it is has 16KB of it not much info out of the files i got but should give more bandwidth and also lower latencies

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