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Sunday Morning (11 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 14-January-2007  08:56:08 (GMT +10) - by Rational

It seems that the Australian open is now in Second Life. IBM has build a copy of the Melbourne Tennis Center inside of the game and data from the real matches will be used to create an accurate copy of the match in game. Peter suggests Agg versus Sciby for the mens final. "Over the duration of the two week tournament, data will be fed from games in the real Rod Laver Arena into the unreal one, nano seconds after happens. The feed will come from game-tracking technologies such as the line-calling system HawkEye, PointTracker which plots shots and ball trajectories and Speed Serve which clocks the players' serves."

Fire agencies could soon be monitoring fires from space using up to eight satellites orbiting the planet. "In the not too distant future a lightning strike ignites a small but dangerous bushfire in a forest near a major Australian city. Strong winds mean within hours the blaze could threaten houses and lives, but overhead a series of satellites equipped with infrared sensors are watching. Detecting the threat, they send a warning message to Earth, alerting fire fighters of the blaze within as little as four minutes of it starting. Crews are quickly dispatched and a potentially major fire is contained before it has a chance to wreak havok."

On the same topic, there is an informative thread for those interested here and a wiki page here. Thanks Dean for all of the links.

Digitaltrends have made some predictions for 2007. "Having written about video and audio technology since—gulp!—1980, let me tell you, there have been some mighty dull years. When I started out, big- screen TVs existed, but were based on analog technology and looked awful. The notion of combining video and audio into a single system was so unusual then that I was actually rebuked by my bosses at Video Magazine for writing a long and prominent new- product item about the very first surround receiver."

Marc has sent in this video of a mod somebody has done of an Ipod with a NES controller. In the video the Ipod boots into Ipod Linux and plays the original Doom using a NES controller.

The Pirate Bay is looking into buying their own country. They have started this site to discuss the purchase of the micronation Sealand off the south coast of England.

LegionHardware has asked the question "Is overclocking worth it?". It is probably a silly question to be asking on such a site with so many skilled overclockers out there :). "This is a question I am often asked, and to be honest I do not really have a quick one line answer that properly addresses it. Back in the days when overclocking first began to gain popularity, it was certainly worth the effort. I remember overclocking my Celeron 300A from 300MHz to 475MHz, and boy did that make a noticeable difference. This was almost a 60% jump in frequency and at the time this had a huge impact on performance, as my relatively inexpensive Celeron system could now compete with the much more expensive Pentium II systems."

Dan of DansData has written this article about an embarrisingly easy case mod which involves lots and lots of LED's. Anything that involves copious amounts of LED's has got to be good.

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