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Thursday Morning (8 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 18-January-2007  08:33:26 (GMT +10) - by Rational

There is an group buy of monitor calibration tools. These are useful for artists and photographers who need accurate colour representation on their monitors. Check it out if you are interested as they seem to be getting some great prices.

For those who don't know, Melbourne has been experiencing some blackouts. A discussion thread can be found here. They think the cause is strain caused by the Victorians, however mibberz thinks it's "them damn aliens".

I might as well continue the spirit of posting wacky videos. Here is the music video of Electronik Supersonik by Zlad! In my opinion it has a better rhythm than the Windows 386 video.

Seagate has become even more awesome by releasing a 15k RPM 2.5" Hard Drive. Here is the press release from Seagate, but StorageReview also has something to say about it. I also read somewhere that supposedly this 2.5" drive is actually so fast it is considered one of the fastest drives out there. I will try and find the link. " Today Seagate announces the Savvio 15K, a drive that combines the benefits introduced with the 10K RPM Savvio with a 15,000 RPM spindle speed. Though shipments of 2.5” form-factor enterprise drives constituted a small minority in the past two years, the firm indicates it expects 2007 to be a banner year for the smaller drives, that 2.5” 10K drives will comprise nearly half of the year’s shipments. "

Scratchy has sent me some pictures of Comet McNaught over Perth. I managed to see it on the 15th and the 17th and it is still pretty bright so if you havn't seen it check it out around 8pm in the western sky (or check the previous post for details).

Paul has sent in word of a super energy efficient dual core processor which consumes between 5 - 13 watts. "This team hopes to capitalize on the move toward green computing where systems run fast while consuming less power than in the past. PA Semi's first processor - the PA6T-1682M - will sample in the third quarter of 2006 as a 2GHz, dual-core product with two DDR2 memory controllers, 2MB of L2 cache, support for eight PCI Express controllers, two 10 Gigabit Ethernet XAUI controllers, and four Gigabit Ethernet SGMII controllers sharing 24 serdes lanes."

Last week Intel showed their super duper "V8" PC with 8 cores (2 quad core Xeons), 2gb of FB-DIMM DDR2 and an 8800GTX. It also has a five disk 1.3 terabyte raid 0 array, whoa Intel must love walking on the wild side.

PCStats has posted an article with instructions on how to convert video tape into video files on your computer. " As you may have noticed, the VCR is a dying technology. DVD players are now equivalent in price, and their disks have practically crowded VHS tapes right off the shelves of your neighborhood video store. Give it another three years and you may be hard pressed to find a new release on tape. So what happens when your VCR finally breaks?"

Rylan has sent in todays timewaster, this funny game where you need to fight Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump.

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