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Sunday Evening (5 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 28-January-2007  20:07:48 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Yes I know it is old but Matt has sent in the classic quirky video Don't Copy that Floppy which teaches us about piracy in the stone ages.

The Smithsonian has published an interesting article about an active volcano in Antarctica. "George Steinmetz was drawn to Mount Erebus, in Antarctica, by the ice. The volcano constantly sputters hot gas and lava, sculpting surreal caves and towers that the photographer had read about and was eager to see. And though he'd heard that reaching the 12,500-foot summit would be an ordeal, he wasn't prepared for the scorching lava bombs that Erebus hurled at him."

Matt has sent in word that a new version of Messenger is out, 8.1 beta with some new features. "Redesigned, smarter contact cards give you more data about and easier access to your friends, Your display name, status and personalization roam with you to any computer, Try PC-to-phone calling with two free calls to virtually any phone in the world, Better server performance, Improvements to automatic updates, Improved sign-in performance"

Bit-Tech has even more content on Intel's new processors. "According to Moore’s Law, the transistor density on integrated circuits doubles roughly every two years – this has been the case for well over 40 years now. Over the last 15 years or so, Intel has used a silicon dioxide (SiO2) gate dielectric inside its transistors, but the improvements made in process technology has meant that gate dielectric walls have become much thinner."

A group of companies are attacking Windows Vista claiming it is illegal in the European Union. "A coalition of rivals charged on Friday that Microsoft Corp.'s new Vista operating system coming out next week will perpetuate practices found illegal in the European Union nearly three years ago. The group, which includes IBM, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Adobe, Oracle and Red Hat, said its complaints made last year are yet to be addressed just days before Vista is due for release. "

A 87 year old man has been asked to show ID when buying alcohol from a shop in England. "The former Lord Mayor of York, Jack Archer, said he was shocked - but flattered - when asked the question by staff at Morrisons in Acomb. He said: "I don't look my age but I certainly don't look young enough to be in trouble for underage drinking.""

Those who are completely unfamiliar to Linux may want to read this article entitled Linux 101 to get a general idea of what it is all about. "Your operating system is the software that manages both the hardware and software resources of your computer. It is used to interface with your hardware, manage memory and run applications. Without it you wouldn’t be able to browse the Internet, burn CD’s, listen to music or do any of the other activities that you associate with modern personal computers."

Todays timewaster is Tangerine Panic. Try to dodge the infinite amount of falling tangerines with a character who displays interesting comments.

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