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Thursday Afternoon Vista + News (9 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 1-February-2007  16:27:49 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Peter has sent in that the ABC is spreading into Second Life. They among other corporate entities like Telstra and Tourism Australia are building islands within the online game. "Companies are recognizing the huge marketing potential of the three-dimensional world, where people escape their own existences to live a different virtual life, and are racing to set up shop there and in other virtual worlds. ABC New Media manager Abigail Thomas moonlights on Second Life as Abi Goldflake. Ms Thomas says the site's 3 million residents will be able to visit the ABC's island, which is in the shape of the broadcaster's logo, in a few months. "We think there are real opportunities in Second Life to connect with our audiences in new and innovative ways," she said. "It's a new platform, it's a growing platform. We think there are great ways to educate, inform and connect with people in Second Life.""

A game publisher has claimed that Vista will break 90% of games. Thanks Dobly for the link. "The announcement of Vista isn't even a day old as reports of not so rosy Vista scenarios are surfacing. One of them could put a question mark behind Microsoft's claim that the company went above and beyond to fine-tune Windows Vista to common mass-market usage scenarios. Alex St. John, chief executive of game publisher WildTangent, said that Vista is not compatible with the mast majority of games on the market today and accuses Microsoft of lacking of consumer and developer understanding."

The Techreport has revamped their system guide for Windows Vista on a whole bunch of price points and purposes. "Windows Vista requires new drivers, especially if you're looking to run the 64-bit version of the operating system, so we've scrutinized our hardware selections for proper driver support."

Viperlair has posted their Windows Vista primer to help you to choose one of the many versions of Vista out there. "As much information as there is about Vista, there is also as much misinformation currently floating around, so lets see if we can sort through it all and help you make an informed decision on what to get. Should you get Vista if you already have XP? That's a bit out of the scope of this article and worthy of an Editorial all of it's own. This article is a quick and dirty look at the different versions of Vista and will assume you have decided you have an interest in purchasing Vista."

Somebody over at Metku has modded a MIDI keyboard. The motivation behind the mod was that the original casing was plain ugly. "New keyboard needs to be flat, because TFT monitor will be placed on top of it. Internal speakers of the keyboard can be removed. I am not using this keyboard to play sounds, only to send midi data to computer."

TechReport has taken a look at Vista's new licensing and what is means for us. "Part of the problem is that Microsoft has, for some time now, been moving slowly but intentionally toward a new model for consumer operating systems sales—one more like the software licensing practices of the corporate world, where licensing is clearly understood by all parties to be "permission to use" rather than any kind of ownership. The distinction here may be a fine one in theory, but it is easily spotted in practice. In the past, the average Joe "owned" a copy of Windows much like one owned a paperback book or an album on CD."

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