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Sunday Morning (21 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 4-February-2007  08:47:53 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Congratulations to CrazyNuts who is now a father after the birth of his daughter. "Zarah Sibella (First and middle name) was born on the 02/02/07 at 3:02pm weighing in at 7p 4o (3.2kg) and 51cm long"

ViaArena are running a competition to find the best VIA based case mod and some of the ones on the page are pretty awesome and funny. Some of the mods you have probably already seen (ie the Bender mod) but some might be new to you.

PCMech has posted an article about using proxies to surf the internet. Useful for anonymity and getting around censorship. ""Proxy servers, commonly called proxies, offer a whole different approach towards protection of privacy. They act as relays between your computer and the locations on the Internet that you visit. When you point your browser at a web site through a proxy server, your browser does not contact the web site directly. Instead, it sends the request to the proxy server to fetch that web page. The proxy server, in turn, sends the request to the web site, fetches the web page, and sends it over to your browser. As far as the web site's records go, you never visited the site.

Hitachi are now making self contained water cooling units for dual Opteron processors. "Takeshi Nakagawa of Hitachi, Ltd. designed the dual CPU watercooling thermal solution. Fluid passes through one CPU water block to the next, and is capable of handling 240W of heat (2 x 120W). Concerning the reliability of the system, and the potential for fluid leakage. Hitachi selected tubing which minimizes vapor transmission loss, and resists deterioration."

Martin sends in word of the Australian release of the Xbox HD-DVD player. According to the site it is launching on March 29th and will cost $249 AUD. "I just got back from tea and biscuits with Jeremy Hinton, from Xbox Australia (yes, the tea was lovely). The topic of discussion? The local release of the 360 HD-DVD player. I'll spare you the techy bits, since that's been covered to death by our earlier hands-on impressions, and move straight to the more pertinent local information: - The HD-DVD add-on launches on March 29 - It'll be AUD$249 - The first shipment will come bundled with...King Kong. It's cool. You don't have to watch it."

PCPer has compared Nvidia and ATI graphics cards on Windows Vista. "For our look at Vista and gaming performance, the new DirectX 10 with a completely new graphics driver subsystem is the most notable change. DirectX 10 adds support for geometry shading (or rather working on geometry in the same way pixels have been for years) and requires hardware developers to move to a unified shader architecture. You can get a LOT more detail on DX10 and the changes that NVIDIA has made to their GPU architecture because of it with the GeForce 8800 series of cards by taking a look over my GeForce 8800 GPU review."

Todays timewaster is from Matt with Hover Tanks. Seems similar to a game I used to play on my Windows 3.11 machine.

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