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Monday Afternoon (10 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 5-February-2007  16:24:04 (GMT +10) - by Rational

The H5N1 strain of bird flu has been detected in the UK in some commercial turkey farms. "The virus strain that killed about 2,500 turkeys on the British poultry farm was identified as the highly pathogenic Asian strain, similar to a virus found in Hungary in January, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said. It was the first time the deadly H5N1 strain was found on a British farm. "

It seems that somebody is working on a Wii operating system lookalike. "I made this program one night when I was really bored. Since I don't have the money to buy a Wii, I decided I was gonna re-make the interface on my computer, and make it launch my favorite games. Of course not having a Wii, I needed a resource to get images, see how the interface works, sounds, and music. I turned to YouTube. After looking at a bunch of videos, I went to work. It all started with a blank white screen, and now here it is today, looking great."

Beyond3D has posted an article about emergent technology. "Back in November, we published an interview primarily focused on Emergent's business and market positioning with their VP and Technology Evangelist, Mike Steele. Since then, we've had the opportunity to ask questions to two other members of their staff: Dan Amerson and Randy Spong. This time around, we're focusing on the technology behind the Gamebryo engine and its various tools and extensions, including Metrics Elements."

Techspot has posted a high end PC buyers guide which now includes Vista, Quad Core and DX10. "With deals, price cuts, and the winter buying season upon us, this would seem like a perfect time to empty our wallets and make an upgrade or build a new PC, especially if you are a big spender. We have put together a special high-end PC buying guide for the New Year that includes a $2000 “standard deluxe” configuration, a heftier $3000 “Fully Loaded” system, and an additional “Dream Machine” with no virtual price ceiling."

Hexus has posted a video about Intel VPro and what it does and how it can be useful.

Microsoft has admitted to a flaw in Windows Vista speech recognition. Thanks Nick for the link. "Microsoft has admitted that the speech recognition feature in Windows Vista could be used to hijack a PC running the operating system. The company said in a posting on the Microsoft Security Response Centre blog that an issue has been identified in which an attacker could use the speech recognition capability to cause the system to take "undesired actions". "While it is technically possible, there are some things that should be considered when trying to determine the threat of exposure to your Windows Vista system," the posting said."

This video of an awesome suspension system was posted in OCAU IRC. The video is in French but you should still be able to get the idea of what it is on about.

Todays timewaster is Trick Blast Billards. "A Billiard game you have to do a trick shot between levels. Each level has a time limit. Challenging game in my opinion."

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