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Sunday Morning (6 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 11-February-2007  08:01:09 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Edman has sent in word that Richard Branson has put up a $25 million dollar bounty for anyone who can work out a way to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and therefore reduce the effects of climate change. "The prize will initially be open for five years, with ideas assessed by a panel of judges including Sir Richard, Mr Gore and Mr Tickell as well as Australian environmentalist Tim Flannery, US climate scientist James Hansen and Briton James Lovelock. "Man created the problem and therefore man should solve the problem," he said."

Yonas sent in this article about the RAAF who have offered to lend a hand to a girl who needs a heart/lung transplant. "Aimee Blakiston, 17, needs a heart-lung transplant to survive her rare disorder, known as primary pulmonary hypertension - but time is running out. After a two-week wait in intensive care without finding a suitable donor, doctors hope widening the search to the rest of Australia will improve Aimee's chances of survival. Calling on the RAAF would reduce the time it takes to get donor organs to Perth from anywhere in Australia."

Dan of DansData has posted some more letters involving protecting a hard drive from vibration, putting a hard drive to sleep, batteries and more hard drive stuff.

Scientists have developed a technique for reading intentions by looking at brain activity. "Using complex computer programs and sophisticated imaging of the brain, scientists were able to identify what each person was going to do with 70% accuracy. The research was led by Dr John-Dylan Haynes, from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Germany, working with researchers in London and Tokyo. The results were published in the online edition of Current Biology."

Tweaktown have spotted a black Xbox 360 at a game show in Taipei. "Unfortunately we couldn’t talk to anyone during the show as there was nobody there but at least you know the rumored black version is indeed alive and real!

PCMech has taken a look at advanced backup strategies targetted mainly for business but I suppose any concerned consumer could employ these methods. "Backups are the single most important system maintenance task. So important, developing and implementing an effective backup strategy should be the first thing on your checklist once you have a fully functioning environment. In this article I am not going to harp on how important scheduled backups are to your business data (you should already know this), rather how to develop an effective strategy."

Todays timewaster is a pretty simple and well known, Tetris type game but for legal reasons the creator calls his clone "N-Blox" although the gameplay is identical. I almost got 100 lines while playing yesterday so maybe you should give it a shot to try to beat me! Remember, the blocks get faster and faster as you play.

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