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Sunday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 18-February-2007  20:39:16 (GMT +10) - by Rational

RealWorldBenchmarks has interviewed Dwight Diercks, lead software engineer at Nvidia. Lack of Vista support and WHQL are some of the topics discussed in the interview. "Just a few days after Microsoft released Windows Vista a call to arms went out over internet forums as early adapters realized that driver support was still sparse. One of the companies that caught the most hostility from this was California based NVIDIA Corporation. Even though NVIDIA had drivers ready for the public launch,these were missing components and features that have been standard for many years."

Co-founder of Yahoo, Jerry Yang has donated $A96 million dollars to Stanford University. I wonder if any of that could be siphoned off for some better FAH work unit servers? "University trustee Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo! Inc., and his wife, Akiko Yamazaki, have pledged $75 million to enhance multidisciplinary programs at Stanford. The bulk of the gift—$50 million—will be used to cover construction costs for the new Environment and Energy Building, which eventually will serve as the hub for environmental studies on campus. Another $5 million will go toward the construction of the high-tech Learning and Knowledge Center for the School of Medicine. The remaining $20 million will be earmarked for projects to be determined later. "

Techspot has posted a lengthy 19 page tweak guide for Firefox 2 which also includes some videos to show certain things better. "Regardless of how you feel about Mozilla Firefox, it's quite fair to say that much of the change and innovation in Internet browsers in recent years has happened because of it. This guide goes through numerous configuration tips and tweaks for Firefox 2, covering all aspects of the browser such as the options menu, preferences, CSS customization, interface, extensions and more."

Google has released a paper on the reliability of Hard Drives using data from 100,000 drives over 5 years. Direct link to the pdf can be found here. "The Google engineers just published a paper on Failure Trends in a Large Disk Drive Population. Based on a study of 100,000 disk drives over 5 years they find some interesting stuff. To quote from the abstract: 'Our analysis identifies several parameters from the drive's self monitoring facility (SMART) that correlate highly with failures. Despite this high correlation, we conclude that models based on SMART parameters alone are unlikely to be useful for predicting individual drive failures."

PCMech has taken a look at the free Paint.Net as an alternative to Photoshop. Some screenshots are also on that page and for those who want to go directly to the official site click here. "First opening Paint.net shows a similar layout to other image editors. You'll find a blank sheet in the center surrounded by various extra boxes for tools, colors, layers and history. New to version 3 is a very handy tabbed interface so you can switch between multiple workspaces and images without opening new instances of the entire program. Rather than listing features included in Paint.net, I thought I would present a walkthrough of some simple edits as a way to illustrate both features and usability.

TrustedReviews has discussed the hype of the PS3 and the price difference of it in Japan. "When I was in Japan a couple of weeks ago I decided to see how much the PlayStation 3 cost, just out of curiosity – I had no intention of buying one, honestly. However, once I’d done a little Yen to Pound converting in my head I realized that the 60GB, full fat PlayStation 3 cost the equivalent of £250 in Japan, compared to the £425 launch price in the UK!"

Phoronix has checked out the performance of the Intel GMA3000 integrated graphics which is probably set to become the new standard of graphics on low to mid range PC's and laptops.

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