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Sunday Lunchtime - April Fools (9 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 1-April-2007  11:58:42 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Ah, those ruddy sauce code hacking MMX Bandits taking over the news page. Hopefully we can restore some order to it.

The Federal Government has shocked ISP's by passing a bill to compel ISP's to block all P2P traffic. Many users are happy with the move to reduce piracy and protect our children from harm however some express concern over reduction in internet performance as all traffic must pass through filtering points. The public has a right to a safe internet experience without having to learn how to administer complex filtering software. Introducing the filtering at an ISP level will deliver a seamless service for ordinary people....At the same time, we are taking the opportunity to meet the needs of intellectual property owners....'Peer-to-peer' technology is primarily used for copyright infringement, so proactive blocking will not affect legitimate Australian internet users.

WindowsAtoZ have taken a look at Adobe Photoshop CS3 beta. Adobe has released its free beta of Adobe Photoshop CS3. We all know that Photoshop is the industry standard for image editing, but how does the newest version compare with the rest. WindowsAtoZ.com's editors break it all down for you and show you all the new features.

It looks like Uncyclopedia is getting serious.

Sega are planning to re-enter the console hardware business. One of the biggest players in 3rd party software and publishing, Sega Corp. today revealed details of their plan to reenter the videogame console hardware business which they dropped over 6 years ago. Sega have said that due to recent financial stability found in the dropping of hardware and moving exclusively toward the software side of gaming, they have reached a point where they are solid enough to give it “one last go”.

Somebody has discovered a hack for the iTunes music store which allows you to obtain songs for free. Want to download these media files from iTunes for free ? Now you can. All you need is Apple iTunes and a download manager like FlashGet, GetRight - No credit card, Apple ID or AOL screenname required. The tricks works for US as well as international users.

Check out this video of Elton John previewing some of his latest songs from an upcoming album. Song starts one minute into the entire clip for those who are on the go!

It looks like we are all going to die because of our overuse of mobile phones. MG: So we're all going to die? Professor: Yes. MG: So there's no chance you are wrong? Professor: We don't think so, although we did have to make certain assumptions. For example, the growth in mobile phone ownership over the past 25 years has been around 20,000 fold. If we assume the same rate of growth, by 2032 there will be 40 trillion handsets in use on the earth. That could present a serious problem.

Todays timewaster is from Matt with the sidescrolling war game, Commando.

The factuality of this post is questionable so none of it should be taken seriously, April Fool!

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