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Some Projects (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 2-April-2007  21:27:25 (GMT +10) - by Rational

As always there are some interesting threads and worklogs of various projects that are taking place. Click on each one of the pictures to go to the corresponding thread for more information, pics and discussion.

Look what i found ;) - I was rummaging through some of the parts i had at the workshop this afternoon, and look what i came across....

A little laptop modding... - Thought i would show off my latest painting effort. It has taken me 3 and a bit days, and ~$40 in paint to do this. The whole laptop had to be disassembled, sanded back to the primer, primed, 2 sections filled (car filler), sanded, primed, 3 coats of color, wet sanded, 1 coat of color, 3 coats of clear, wet sanded, 2 coats of clear, reassembled.

G4 Casemod - my implementation - Friday arvo I was quite bored, it was raining hard and nothing to do. I looked at my computer, and it's quite boring to look at. So I thought i'd fix it.

Emans Silent PC and Cooling Mod.. (stackers) - Most people spend a lot of time and money trying to keep their system quite and cool. Either through watercooling, high end air cooling, phase charging etc or passive cooling. There is no great solution as each option has a draw back. My though process was... "Rather than trying to keep the system quite, what if i blocked the sound it was making..." and then... "the computer is going to create noise and heat no matter what i do, so let it do that... But what if i wasn't in the room with it..."

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