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Thursday Evening (5 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 5-April-2007  20:00:36 (GMT +10) - by Rational

The GPS system may be under threat by future solar bursts which have disrupted the system in the past. The Global Positioning System (GPS), increasingly vital technology for activities including navigating cars and planes, bank financial transfers and more, may be threatened by powerful radio bursts from the sun, a panel of scientists in the US warned today.

Google is planning a tool to allow users to create custom maps. Google Inc. is out to make map-making simpler, giving away tools for ordinary users to pinpoint locations, draw routes and attach photos or video to existing online maps, the company said on Wednesday. The Web search leader, which set off an explosion of creative map-making among professional programmers after introducing Google Maps two years ago, is now offering MyMaps, tools for everyday users to create maps in a few mouse clicks.

Malibal is planning a 20" notebook computer with SLI. I wonder how much battery life it will have? Las Vegas, Nev., April 5th, 2007 - MALIBAL, a world leader in innovative laptop design and development, today announced the release of its new Veda Series™ line of notebooks. Available immediately, the Veda Series features an extensive collection of high-end options, including: 20.1" widescreen display, two hard drive bays and RAID 0/1, dual GPU capabilities with NVIDIA® SLI™ technology and AMD dual-core mobile technology.

Cracked have posted the five most annoying banner ads on the Internet including some ones that probably do a better job of detracting adclicks.

[Be Wary] According to OCWorkBench AMD socket 939 processors will be resurfacing with DDR and DDR2 memory support. Many users were quite unhappy to go with the newer Socket AM2 processors becuase they do not wish to change their board and upgrade to DDR2 modules. A hybrid design memory controller is said to be in the works and will first appear on future Socket 939 CPUs manufactured in 65nm. It will come with a Dual memory controlller to support both DDR and/or DDR2. The good thing is that you can mix and match RAMs too.

It seems that a red Microsoft Zune might be in the works. In more Zune news Microsoft is forseeing DRM free music availability for the Zune. Microsoft plans to follow Apple in selling unprotected songs from EMI, though the company won't say just when such tracks will appear on the Zune Marketplace store. When CEO Steve Jobs issued his open letter calling for an end to DRM, Microsoft said the total abolition of such protections would be irresponsible, since they are needed for subscription music and other new business models. However, the software maker said Wednesday that it does plan to offer DRM-free music from EMI and others.

Bit-Tech have done a roundup of modded machines at Cebit. This year's CeBIT trade show wasn't quite what it was last year, and we're expecting next year to be more of the same in that respect. Even though the days of trade shows appear to be numbered, with many manufacturers choosing not to turn up, many of the world's best modders are turning up with their latest creations.

TechARP have posted their experience with ATI's new Vista X1950 GT driver. Recently, we wrote about how the ATI Radeon X1950 GT graphics card had managed to obtain Vista certification without a working driver. Well, the first working driver for the Radeon X1950 GT finally appeared on March 28, 2007. Time to pop the champagne, eh? Well, not quite. Let us take you on an amazing journey with ATI's new Catalyst 7.3 driver set. Then tell us whether you think ATI software engineers should be given a raise for their superb efforts or shot like rabid dogs.

Today we have a mega timewaster from Brad81. It is a whole bunch of emulated retro games played online in your browser, JRE is required though. My particular favourite is the classic Tetris.

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