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Monday Evening (10 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 9-April-2007  19:32:47 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Microsoft is adding a messenger client to the Xbox 360 with a qwerty thumb keyboard. As part of its efforts to bridge the divide between PC and Xbox 360 gamers, Microsoft announced today that Xbox Live users would soon be able to access Windows Live Messenger. The feature will be added for free through an Xbox 360 Dashboard update - due for release on May 7 - and means that, for the first time, Xbox owners will be able to hold instant messaging conversations with those on a PC.

EpiaCentre have posted some photos of VIAs upcoming EPIA motherboard. One of our readers attended Embedded Systems Conference which took place in San Jose earlier this week. He also stopped by VIA Technologies and was quite surprised to see 4 (!) new EPIA motherboards. He took some photos of the EPIA SN, EPIA LT, EPIA LN and EPIA NR motherboards and sent them over because as he put it "I was surprised that I hadn't seen them on EpiaCenter".

TechwareLabs have checked out FON which aims to create a large community of WiFi access points. The FON appliance is a wireless access point that provides internet access through your high speed connection. Now a lot of users out there are ask why would I want to share my internet connection, well the appliance is beneficial two fold, first once you own an appliance you can register it with an account. This account allows you to connect to and use any FON internet access point world wide. Also the FON device can be set up to charge those users who would like to use your WiFi connection.

HardwareSecrets have checked out Windows Vista Readyboost to see if it really improves performance. ReadyBoost is a technology brought by Windows Vista that allows any piece of flash memory like pen drives and memory cards to be used as a disk cache improving, in theory, the system performance. However so far we were not able to see any performance improvement on our system. Letís explore the subject.

TechARP have looked at Vista certification and if it is actually all that meaningful. Right after we reported how ATI's partners started shipping the new ATI Radeon X1950 GT as a Vista-certified graphics without a working driver, NVIDIA sent us a sample of a soon-to-be-released GeForce 8600 GTS graphics card... also without a working driver. Is this the new trend in the graphics card industry?

Check out this funny list of computer things that only happen in movies. They forgot to mention the amazing image improvement technology that computers seem to have in most movies which can turn a low resolution blurry photo or video into a highly detailed image in a couple of clicks.

WindowsAtoZ have posted their thoughts on the state of Vista two months after release. So it has been a little over two months since the release of Windows Vista and there's certainly been a lot of buzz about it among the tech community. There's been all kinds of message boards popping up all about Vista, especially dealing with customization. I've been using Vista Home Premium since the beginning of February when I bought a new Pavilion Media Center PC from HP, so I've certainly got my feet wet when it comes to learning the new features and using the new interface.

Matt sent in this article about an upcoming came called World in Conflict which is an RTS with features of a highly detailed FPS. Zoom in towards a helicopter and you can see the pilot's face. Out in the woods past the town's fringe, you can hear the rustling of leaves as wind blows through the trees. The town buildings are immaculately detailed and the entire environment is destructible - every tree, building and vehicle can be blown up.

ThinkGaming have posted some of their favorite video game easter eggs. If you are still interested check out EEggs which lists easter eggs in many different categories. Since it is Easter I decided to compile a list of my favorite video game easter eggs. Video game easter eggs are little things that video game developers put into games that are hard to find, but if and when you do find them you laugh or say sweet! Video game easter eggs have been in almost every video game out there all the way back to the Atari 2600! So here are some of my favorites.

Check out this home built Steam R2-D2 dubbed R2-S2. That guy also has some other interesting steam projects for those interested.
Edit: I realize that it may not last long as it is probably on Digg or Slashdot so be patient, it will come back eventually.

Todays timewaster is from Matt and is called Indestructo Tank. Your tank cannot be destroyed so you aim to get hit by bombs to throw the tank in the air destroying the choppers.

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