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Friday Morning. Inbox Killer. (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 10-May-2002  02:43:13 (GMT +10) - by Darkness'

Time for an inbox killer. Microsoft has devised yet another way to secure its grip on the world via an annual subscription license... Except this even includes Mac's...

If you don't know what a stomp monster is then you might want to have a look at ocUK's seti stomp monster. Scroll down to the image... That's nuts guys! Good work! Perhaps we should get one going for our folding team! This works off a better system too, instead of donating hardware you buy shares of the super computer and that's how it is paid for. Thanks for the few people who sent that in.

Well this is certainly original, the Cybernet Elite-II Zero-Footprint PC. Here's a hint, It's a PC inside a keyboard...Thanks Callan.

If you're in the market for new PC hardware you could always check out tomshardware's pinpost program. Same theory as napster just with PC hardware. I wonder how that works..

There is another competition up at Club Overclocker. "they have provided a set of the new Xbags Computer Case and Monitor transport system"

If you haven't been following whirlpool recently about the XiS incidents then you might want to check out what started it and finally how it's going. A brief run down : "Datafast has told troubled broadband broker XiS to find another wholesaler after XiS allegedly failed to pay its bills."

Soandso from our forums has spotted these guides to connect an IR diode to a sound card Mic so you can remotely control things. It can be found here and here.

Apparently, Mac users want 'more button for their buck'.

Well, here's a nice GF4 at a scorching -196 degrees... guess how it's cooled. Thanks InFerNo. It's a bird, It's a plane, It's...the Indian Superman?? Thanks Ben.

Also this is fairly old but I just set the record for reaction times off the lights with a 0.526. Create - a - ride. Please don't send in your results :) If you're a star wars fan then take nokia's test to match which Episode 2 character you would be. I'm a regular Mace Windu hehe. Thanks KyocEr

Bit of an inbox killer tonight so here's a stack of reviews :
High Speed PC AGP Airlift at OCRIP.
Antec Performance Series PLUS860 Case Reviewed at mikhailtech.
Professionally Modified Case by Northward Graphics.
BTC 5110S Wireless (IR) Keyboard @ OC-Melbourne.
Dungeon Siege @ 3DAvenue.
Dungeon Siege @ guru3d.
Antiy Ghostbusters Review @ DeviantPC.
Stomp Backup My PC at viperlair.
SkyHawk ATX-4396 CaseReviewed at tweakers.
MSI KT3 Ultra ARUmotherboard from tweaktown.
Cheap server case @ dans data.
Abit AT7 reviewed at pchardware.
ZALMAN CNPS-6500A ALCU Cooler in Video Review.
Nostromo SpeedPad N50 Gaming Device at burnout pc.
Belkin 4 Port Router from jsihardware.
Pentium 4 533 MHz FSB 2.53 GHz at hardcoreware.
Gainward GeForce 4 PowerPack GS Ultra at pcstats.
SonicBlue RioVolt SP100 from bytesector.
Intel Pentium 4 2.53GHz over at hardwarezone.
MSI 845 Pro2 @ planetsavage.
ATi AIW radeon 8500 128MB from the vr-zone.
Shuttle SS50 Mini Barebones System from AwareMag.

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