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Tuesday Afternoon (8 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 10-April-2007  14:48:50 (GMT +10) - by Rational

HardOCP havep posted their experiences with the PS3 over the last 30 days. While some may folks may disagree, there is no denying that the PlayStation 3, while captivating the imagination of millions around the world, has had more than its fair share of setbacks and delays thus far. Originally scheduled to launch in Spring 2006, Sony officially announced the PlayStation 3 at E3 in May of 2005.

Apple has sold its 100 millionth iPod since its release over five years ago. "At this historic milestone, we want to thank music lovers everywhere for making iPod such an incredible success," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs. "iPod has helped millions of people around the world rekindle their passion for music, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that."

Computer hobbyists are a dying breed due to more online help available and apathy. Computer hobbyists are a dying breed - literally. Computer club officials say their members are getting greyer and fewer in number as home computers become steadily more common and treated more like the telephone: always there, always on. They complain that young people no longer care how computers work. They are more interested in what they can do with them: games, mail, chat rooms and online virtual communities such as Second Life.

An American principal has sued ex-students over defamatory comments about him on their Myspace user pages. A Pennsylvania school principal has filed a lawsuit against four former students, claiming they falsely portrayed him as a pot smoker, beer guzzler and pornography lover and sullied his reputation through mock MySpace profiles.

A man is converting Hummers to run on biodiesel which manages to get 40 miles per gallon of fuel (5.9L/100km). Jonathan Goodwin has built a car that can run on ethanol, hydrogen, biodiesel or natural gas--all fairly clean fuels. It gets the equivalent of 40 miles a gallon. And it's a Hummer. Goodwin, a biodiesel conversion specialist and founder of alternative energy start-up SAE Energy, is an emerging name in an unlikely niche in the clean tech market: making muscle cars green.

The creator of Microsoft Word has been blasted into space making him the 5th civilian to go into space. I'm finding myself oddly fascinated by the news that Charles Simonyi, the former Microsoft software architect and current billionaire, is now the fifth civilian ever to be rocketed into space. (He's on his way to the International Space Station onboard a Soyuz spacecraft that took off from Kazakhstan on Saturday.)

DansData have posted some more letters, some highlights include memory problems, plug and play, burning speed and monitor problems.

HardwareSecrets have continued their series on how TCP/IP works, part two. Part one can be found here for those who missed it. In our How TCP/IP Protocol Works tutorial we’ve explained the basic architecture of TCP/IP protocol and how the basic protocols involved (like TCP, UDP and IP) worked. Now it is time to get a little bit deeper, explaining other protocols and other TCP/IP functionalities we didn’t cover before, like Telnet, SSH, TFTP, DHCP, DNS, ICMP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, ARP and more.

Damn Interesting has posted a new article about submersible aircraft carriers. By the time the larger support crew penetrated the woods with their firefighting equipment four and a half hours later, Gardner and a fellow lookout had managed to wrestle the fire into submission. As the crew helped to mop up the last of the smoldering mess, the investigators found the remains of the offending ordnance. The fragments of the phosphorus incendiary bombs were stamped with Japanese markings.

Today's timewaster is from Joanna. It's called Red where you control a turret to try to deflect the flying circles from hitting you. I survived for 600 seconds so aim to beat that.

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