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The Morning of Friday the 13th: Unfavourable News of Doom (11 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 13-April-2007  10:34:32 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Microsoft has confirmed the Vista OEM hack but do not currently have plans to fix it. In response to widespread chatter on blogs and forums, Microsoft has acknowledged the presence of hacks that may allow pirates to bypass the product activation security feature in its Windows Vista operating system.

Matt spotted this article about the phasing out of XP to Vista. By early 2008, Microsoft's contracts with computer makers will require companies to only sell Vista-loaded machines. "The OEM version of XP Professional goes next January," said Frank Luburic, senior ThinkPad product manager for Lenovo. "At that point, they'll have no choice."

China is curbing online gaming for kids to attempt to stop addiction. Under the system, known as the “anti-online game addiction system”, the first 3 hours of play for each day is considered “healthy”, during which players will be awarded full points in the virtual world. The next 2 hours will yield only half the normal points and there will be no points after 5 hours. After the 5-hour limit, players will be subjected every 15 minutes to the warning: “You have entered unhealthy game time, please go offline immediately to rest. If you do not, your health will be damaged and your points will be cut to zero.”

Matt also spotted this video about the horrors of Windex on television screens. What happens when you spray Windex or whatever cleaner of your preference directly on to your DLP HDTV? Bad things dude. Baaad things.

Some software is available to revert Office 2007 to the classic menu system. I just received a press release for a program called ‘Classic Menu for Office 2007 v.2.08’ from Addintools, a software company based in Hai Nan, China. Reading through the release, most of which is reprinted in this article, the software says it will bring back the classic menus that Office 2007 lacks. So, I downloaded it and tried it out for myself… and… it does what it says on the tin!

Macworld have checked out Vista under Boot Camp, Apples software that allows you to dual boot Windows and Mac OS 10 on your Intel Mac. Apple’s latest update to Boot Camp (version 1.2) specifically includes drivers for running Windows Vista on a Mac. So it’s time for Macworld’s official Windows Vista for Mac review

Damn Interesting have posted an article on lucid dreaming. The experience was one of my many brushes with Lucid Dreaming. It is a phenomenon that many discredit, naming it a hoax and naturalist mythology despite the fact that it has strong scientific evidence supporting it as a real occurrence.

Todays timewaster is from Joanna and is called Sprout where you need to help a seed become an acorn.

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