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Monday Morning (19 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 16-April-2007  08:34:40 (GMT +10) - by Rational

A Microsoft employee has blogged about his experience with reported errors, you know when you click "send error report" after something has crashed. A certain error that he was seeing a lot (deemed to be "hardware failure") he was curious about so he tracked down some of the people sending the reports and asked them about their PC configuration and if they had been overclocking. A bunch of us were going through some Windows crashes that people sent in by clicking the "Send Error Report" button in the crash dialog. And there were huge numbers of them that made no sense whatsoever....Yet when we looked at the error report, the ecx and eax registers were equal! There were other crashes of a similar nature, where the CPU simply lots its marbles and did something "impossible".

A fifteen year old boy from Perth sent a fake takedown request to Youtube posing as the ABC. This resulted in the website taking down a lot of ABC clips including a lot from the Chasers War on Everything. A Perth teenager has apologised to the ABC for pretending to represent the national broadcaster in demanding the removal of hundreds of video clips from the YouTube website. The 15-year-old boy sent YouTube a signed form saying he represented the copyright owner, ABC Television, and that he wanted the footage, mostly from The Chaser's War on Everything, removed from the website.

A software patch was found to be the cause of the failure of the Mars Global Surveyor in 2006. A similar thing happened back in 1982 with the Viking 1 where antenna alignment code was overwritten. A software 'fix' sent up to NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft in June 2006 ultimately led to its failure five months later, a preliminary new report reveals. The report also finds that the existing procedures used by the mission team were not thorough enough to catch the resulting problems, and that reductions in budgets and staff may have played some role in the loss of the mission.

CNet have posted some pictures of what has been going on in space with the Microsoft tourist. The International Space Station is abuzz with activity this week, with the arrival of a new crew (including high-profile space traveler and former Microsoft mogul Charles Simonyi), and one astronaut training to keep pace with the Boston Marathon from more than 200 miles above the planet.

Engadget are running polls for their Engadget Awards which aim to find the best products in a number of different categories. Just a friendly reminder that our first round of 2006 Engadget Awards polls closes tonight at 11.59PM EST. (Our second round will be closing tomorrow night (Monday) at the same time, so stay tuned for those.) But for now why not get your votes in if you haven't already, ok?

There has been a bit of controversy over in America about a computer technician supposedly planting a camera phone to record a client in the shower. An LA Times article claims that Sarah Vasquez, 22, and her mother, Natalie Fornaciari, 46, have sued Geek Squad because a Geek Squad technician, Hao Kuo Chi, allegedly tried to film her while she was taking a shower. Allegedly on March 4, when Chi was fixing Vasquez’s computer, Chi placed his camera phone in the bathroom after learning Vasquez was going to have a shower, and set it to record video.

Todays timewaster is quite old but I don't think it has been posted before on the newspage. It it is kkrieger and is a 3D FPS with graphics that rival Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament 2004 in only 96k. The way they have done it is with funky compression so it will not run well on older computers. If you get it going the whole game takes around 15 minutes to play through, a direct download can be found here. If you are curious here is a screenshot.

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