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Friday Afternoon (8 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 20-April-2007  15:37:05 (GMT +10) - by Cryogenic

A bit of news to help get through the rest of Friday afternoon :)

First up from Mafiah, apparently the Valve server has been hacked which seems to be holding all of your precious private and credit card data. A few days ago a member from the No-Steam crew by-passed Valve's security and exposed some financial information. What does he want in return? A notice on the steampowered website saying their systems have been comprimised. Whats at risk? Lots and lots of credit card information.

The Viginia shooting that occured earlier in the week has prompted media to link it to gaming. On the same topic, HardwareAnalysis have also written up an article relating to gaming and its current regulation. From another view, PCMechanic have an article on how technology has helped family and friends through this tragic event.

ATi fans will no doubt know that there are new Catalyst 7.4 drivers are now out. Those of you who still prefer the old Control Panel over the Catalyst Control Centre can head on over to NGOHQ. They have once again provided the latest Catalyst drivers with Control Panel for Windows. Doesn't seem to be all smooth sailing at the moment for ATi though, with some interesting results from Tech-Hounds, who have just finished some testing of ATi's internal bridge Crossfire. Also, an avid Phoronix reader who uses ATi under Linux doesn't seem to be all that happy writing up an article pleading for better support.

Still with graphics cards, lots of testing done with nVidia's 8600GT cards that are doing the rounds at tech sites at the moment. Tweaktown have posted up a look at two offerings from Gigabyte and XFX with differing cooling solutions. Thos who are interested in the SLi performance of these cards can head on over to XSReviews to check out MSI's products in this configuration, or to Gamepyre to see how EVGA and XFX get on together.

It bigger always better? Just when you thought VIA ran out of words to name their increasing inventory of miniPC solutions, they have just announced the Pico-ITX form factor. Check out some further information on it at their website. VIA Arena have also just posted up a small preview of this platform, here. I wonder if it will actually use anywhere near the 550W power supply that LegionHardware reckon the average gamer needs.

Bored? Why not build yourself a web server with PHP5 and MySQL support? Don't know how? Head on over to Phoronix who have written up tutorial. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, perhaps see if you can find someone online to pay your speeding fine for you. Else, check out this parody on the Iraq invasion sent in by Phil. Still no good? See if you can sneak out of work without anyone noticing :)

Enjoy the weekend!

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