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Monday Evening (2 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 23-April-2007  18:20:10 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Bit-Tech have taken a look at internet radio and how it may not be around for much longer due to royalty laws. If you haven't listened to net-casted radio, I highly urge you to give it a try while it's still around. There are an incredible amount of "channels" for such a young technology, and they cover a wide spectrum of music. In fact, much of what can be heard on Internet radio can only be heard on Internet radio -- not everything is a multi-platinum hit single.

PCMech have posted an article about website privacy policies and how to create them for your site. Inspiring confidence in customers is not the only reason to have a privacy policy. Sometimes you are legally required to post a privacy policy on your Web site depending on the nature of your web site, the location of your server, or the location of visitors to your web site. If you are in the financial services or healthcare industry, there are specific regulations as to what your privacy policy should contain.

Anti recruitment groups have criticized the US Defence Force after a deal to sponsor a computer war game channel. Anti-recruitment groups are slamming a US Army deal to sponsor a computer war game channel, charging that real war is no game. In June, the Army is set to sponsor a channel at the Global Gaming League website, a popular spot for internet computer game lovers.

TechARP has posted Part 2 of their compression comparison guide focussing on speed and compressability on different files. While usability of each utility also depend greatly on the design of the user interface (console or graphical) and its features, we will not be touching on them in this performance guide. Instead, we will focus purely on the performance of each data compressor. This will allow you to compare the compression rate and speed of the more popular data compressors for the PC.

Intel and AMD have updated their roadmaps with things like a 45W Athlon X2 and Intel Eaglelake in Q2 2008.

Nvidia has released new Linux drivers, version 100.14.03 with support for some new cards. The release highlights for the 100.14.03 driver only mention one change -- new product support. Specifically, the NVIDIA 100.14.03 display driver adds official support for the GeForce 8600GTS, 8600GT, 8500GT, 8400GS, and the 8300GS. The GeForce 8500 and 8600 series GPUs were introduced earlier in the week, while the GeForce 8300 and 8400 low-end graphics cards should be introduced shortly.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is creeping into toy cars and electric bikes among other products. Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is readying an electric bike that gets its energy from a hydrogen fuel cell rather than a rechargeable battery, according to Taras Wankewycz, co-founder and vice president of Horizon. The company is talking with government officials in both countries to get these bikes out in 2007, he added.

A child porn case has shown that having an open Wifi connection is no defence to what happens over your connection even though others have access to it. The merits of leaving your wireless access point (WAP) open have been discussed and debated at length, especially when it comes to law enforcement. There is a growing belief that file sharers can protect themselves against lawsuits by keeping their wireless access points open. The problem is, it won't necessarily.

Check out this mod which allows you to add a USB port to a cheap network router. The Sweex LB000021 is about the cheapest hardware router one can get. I bought mine for E25,- new. The fun thing about these routers is that there's a complete MIPS-architecture processor in it, the ADM5120, which runs Linux. One of the features of the ADM5120 is that it has an onboard USB-hostcontroller. In the LB000021, however, this feature is not used. In this tutorial I'll show you how to change that.

The Microsoft Billionaire space tourist has landed safely after his trip in space. US space tourist Charles Simonyi returned safely to Earth on Saturday, touching down with a Russian-US crew in the steppe of Central Asia after paying for a two-week round trip into space.

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