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Tuesday Evening (8 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 24-April-2007  23:04:47 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Techspot have checked out the importance of the hard drive in the performance of your PC. The ultimate gaming PC includes some obvious givens. Today, it means you’re driving a Core 2 processor, you’re packed with at least a couple gigs of high-performance memory and you are running a last generation DX-10 gaming graphics card. Check, check and check. But if you want a real edge in your next encounter, you must also give careful consideration to the hard drive and the hard drive configuration you employ.

Apparently Blu-Ray is outselling HD-DVD however Ars Technica thinks that adoption rates don't matter. According to a report in Home Media Magazine, Blu-ray not only grabbed 70% of the sales in the March quarter but the Sony developed format actually increased its market share to nearly 75% in the month of March.

BenchmarkReviews have posted a guide on choosing your first HDTV. How will you save yourself, your family, and loved ones? What you do to prepare for the future will depend solely on what you know about it. This guide will infuse months of research into a very easy to understand how-to article, all for the purpose of preparing you for D-Day.

Hitachi are doing some interesting things including 15k RPM, high speed SFF drives and large 1TB drives.

Bit-Tech has posted a new mod, Puzzlebox 2.0. It has been two years since I completed my original Hellraiser Puzzlebox case mod. It was my first built-from-scratch custom case and involved a lot of trial and error. Given how well it was received - it won Corsair's Mod of the Mod - it's a funny thing to admit but I didn't really know what I was doing.

US Complaints to the WTO about piracy in China is said to badly damage cooperation between the two nations about piracy. China denounced Washington's move and Wu, who heads the country's economic dialogue with Washington, bluntly warned that the complaints would bruise bilateral trade ties. "The United States Trade Representative, the USTR, has totally ignored the massive strides China has made," Wu told an intellectual property forum in Beijing.

OverclockersClub have posted a rundown of a custom built folding PC. In an effort to get my electric bill under control, I shut down 8 of my folding rigs (I donated these to a local charity...I can use the tax write-off) and have replaced them with 2 E6300 rigs, running the new SMP client. Now I need a case for them....here's the plan:

Intel may have accidentally revealed release dates of Vista SP1. This may be good for users who are putting off the Vista upgrade until they feel the OS is more mature. Microsoft sent information to Technology Adoption Program (TAP) members saying that members' feedback was needed to help it prepare for the release of Vista Service Pack 1 "in the second half of CY07."

XYZComputing have taken a look at the best Thunderbird mail extensions. The recent upgrade to Thunderbird 2.0 marked a nice evolution of the client and while it did not bring a lot of major changes it did include a few much needed tweaks. Between these changes and my general requirement of using as few extensions as possible I have found that Thunderbird does not need many extensions to get it set up properly. There are a few excellent ones out there that everyone should know about.

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