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Friday Evening (10 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 27-April-2007  20:25:01 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Toe2toe wanted me to let you know about a poll that is being conducted on the forums about how many of you run your computers overclocked all the time. Last time I checked it the results were amazingly close. I think it would be interesting to answer the question of how many overclockers actually run their systems overclocked.

Matt spotted how Wikipedians are creating a static version of the Encyclopedia on CD aimed for use on computers without internet access. The goal is to extend Wikipedia to those with limited or no internet access. Success with the CD could ultimately lead to Wikipedia in book or other forms. "Plenty of people do not have internet access. They have a computer and no internet, or just a slow internet connection," said Martin A. Walker, the Wikipedia volunteer who helped coordinate the project. "There are many times when you may be offline anyway. You may be at a camp or something like that."

Vista is boosting Microsofts profits by 65% in the 3rd quarter this fiscal year. CNet also have something about this. Earnings for the quarter ended March 31 rose to $US4.93 billion ($A5.91 billion), or 50 cents per share, from $US2.98 billion ($A3.57 billion), or 29 cents per share in corresponding period last year. Results included legal charges amounting to 1 cent per share, but tax benefits boosted profit by 2 cents per share.

The Sony battery recall is still going on after Acer recalls 27,000 notebook batteries. Acer America said Wednesday it's recalling 27,000 notebook batteries with cells made by Sony. An Acer America spokesman said the company, which has been gaining significant market share over the past 18 months, has received no reports of incidents and found no technical issues after months of testing and investigation.

Apparently an an iTunes subscription service is coming even though Steve Jobs says it isn't. Jobs says the iTunes Store won't offer music subscriptions because people don't want it, but that's only because they haven't tasted it. Most iPod lovers have probably never shopped beyond the iTunes Store thanks to Apple's walled garden DRM ecosystem.

Gizmodo have checked out the Xbox 360 Elite. When the Elite showed up earlier today, I decided to cut to the chase and test the only thing that matters on it: the HDMI output. It's not a new console. Almost everything about the Xbox 360 in white stands true for the Elite: It theoretically doesn't run cooler, or quieter, or faster.

Microsoft have released the public beta of Longhorn Server. You can check this out at Microsofts site. Thanks Looktall for spotting the link. Longhorn Server, the server counterpart to Windows Vista, is now up to Beta 3, and Microsoft has made it available as a free public download, in order to get as much feedback from testers as possible before release. Eight different downloads are available.

A PS3 based camera and microphone is set to be coming which will allow users to have better gaming and communication. PlayStation 3 Latest News about PlayStation 3 (PS3) owners will be able to see and be seen this summer with a new accessory for its next-generation gaming console Sony Latest News about Sony announced Thursday. The PlayStation Eye is an intelligent camera and noise-canceling microphone that the game maker said will expand and boost gaming and communication options.

Matt sent in this interview about Federally funded video game development support plans. Australian game developers, considered among the best in the world, are calling for Government support in light of an expected development package for the film industry in next month's Federal Budget. While the Government seems ready to support the request, film-makers are not impressed.

Here are a couple of interesting videos I came across while surfing the web this morning. Here is an amazing video of a computer controlled "graffiti" machine that can create amazing pictures with spray paint. Also here is a video about how the "Doctor Who" theme was made in the BBC Stereophonic Workshop.

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