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Saturday Evening (5 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 28-April-2007  18:27:08 (GMT +10) - by Rational

LegitReviews checked out what DX10 will look like with some great in game comparison shots. Roll over the image to get the DX10 version. By now, we’ve all been beaten to death with DirectX this, DirectX that. What does it all mean??! Today we try to shed a bit of light into the subject of DirectX 10 vs. DirectX 9 and what impact gamers will see. This is by no means a comprehensive article, we’re just touching on a few of the highlights and showing some screen shots from Age of Conan.

Tweaktown have posted an article about the possible demise of AMD. There is no doubt that AMD is in a world of "woe" as Greg put it so delicately. It is in big trouble financially and you would think that it is in almost too deep to come back. Stranger things have happened but it really does not look good for AMD at the moment. There's discussion of this article here in our AMD Hardware forum.

Some schools in America have banned MP3 players to prevent them being used as cheating devices. Shana Kemp, spokeswoman for the National Association of Secondary School Principals, said she does not have hard statistics on the phenomenon but said it is not unusual for schools to ban digital media players. "I think it is becoming a national trend," she said. "We hope that each district will have a policy in place for technology — it keeps a lot of the problems down."

Hardwaresecrets have posted some pictures of DDR3 memory modules. We took a walk on Silicon Valley today and we could see what’s new at Super Talent. They showed us two working DDR3 memory modules (not just dummy samples) with 512 MB each. Let’s take a look on what they got.

One of the guys from the Chaser questioned Jimmy Wales at a press confrence for part of their show. Given Wales's widely publicised goal of giving "every single person on the planet free access to the sum of all human knowledge", Hansen evidently thought Wales would be a prime candidate for The Chaser's "Mr Ten Questions" segment.

Bjorn3D have posted an article about some ways to backup. But there exists a whole world of people oblivious to the idea that their data can one day disappear, never to been seen or heard from again. This is what I intend to focus on today, good backup habits and how to save your data.

TechwareLabs have posted a guide to Wireless networking in Vista. The majority of mobile computer users require the ability to connect to the internet with ease. Windows Vista can often be frustrating due to its unfamiliarity and complexity. This guide will assist users with connecting to a wireless hotspot using Windows Vista and also shows users the similarities and differences between Windows XP and Windows Vista with regards to wireless connections.

Dansdata has posted some questions and answers. What will a 10,000RPM drive do for the performance of a desktop PC, and what do dimples on the blades do for the performance of a cooling fan?

Apparently Barbie is getting high tech after the release of a MP3 player style toy. Matt suggests that this might be a good birthday present for Agg. On Thursday, Mattel unveiled Barbie Girls, a doll-shaped MP3 player that turns into a live character at BarbieGirls.com, a website where girls can interact with each other in a manner reminiscent of Second Life, the virtual world for adults.

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