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Early Tuesday Morning (12 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 1-May-2007  00:52:41 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Trog sent word that AusGamers now have the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare trailer available for download. The first released footage showcasing some of the gameplay and environments from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Teaser Trailer.

Intel and AMD are accusing each other of manipulating the media. In letters sent this week to court-appointed mediator Vincent J. Poppiti, the two companies exchanged barbs, but stopped short of asking presiding federal court Judge Joseph Farnan Jr. to intervene.

BlueTomorrow have an article about Bluetooth proximity marketing. For example, say you’re shopping for gym equipment at a specialty shop and they have a proximity marketing station set up. If your phone is in discoverable mode, you’ll receive a message asking if you want to receive free content from “ABC Company”. Think of it as a virtual billboard or flyer advertisement.

Daryl spotted this list of free software. There's also a gargantuan categorised list here in our Wiki.

Gartner reckon that 80% of internet users will have a second life online (and not necessarily in "Second Life") by the end of 2011. "The collaborative and community-related aspects of these environments will dominate in the future, and significant transaction-based commercial opportunities will be limited to niche areas, which have yet to be clearly identified," said Steve Prentice, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

Bootdaily are the latest to check out Intel's V8 setup, being dual 4-core Xeons. They use the same Socket775 made so popular by Intel’s past desktop processors which means installation and removal is a snap. Mechanical and core similarities aside, the XEONs do require a completely different chipset in order to function properly and for that we use Intel’s 5000-series which supports not just the XEON but all the ensuing cores that come along with them - eight in all.

Stephen Hawking has had a taste of weightlessness thanks to the "vomit comet". Dressed in dark blue flight suits, Hawking and an entourage of caretakers boarded a Boeing 727 that roared out over the ocean and carved huge parabolic arcs in the sky, creating for passengers the "zero-gravity" effect of being in space.

Draco II sent in this article about choosing the best SATA cable. I didn't realise how many types there are.

There's a new Linux kernel, after quite a delay. In 2.6.21, new technologies called clockevents and dyntick (dynamic ticks) were introduced. The technologies are based on previous real-time Linux work by Ingo Molnar and Thomas Gleixner. Together, they make the new kernel more efficient, both in terms of saving power, and in terms of dealing with heavy-duty multi-tasking jobs such as virtualization.

Today's timewasters: a Dr Who Radiophonatron from Paul and more bloons from Joanna.

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