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Tuesday Evening (5 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 1-May-2007  19:12:38 (GMT +10) - by Rational

The first episode of Good Game featuring the i4memory guys showing off their overclocking prowess will be screening tonight on ABC2. For those who are Digitally impaired you can download the entire episode right now here (95mb WMV), rated "M". There is a thread discussing this here.

Daztay sent in this page full of case mods in various categories. Each mod is linked back to the original worklog/website it came from so you can check out that for more detail if you are interested.

Justin sent in this article about a CFL mercury nightmare where a $2000 cleanup operation had to take place because of a broken fluorescent bulb. How much money does it take to screw in a compact fluorescent light bulb? About US$4.28 for the bulb and labour -- unless you break the bulb. Then you, like Brandy Bridges of Ellsworth, Maine, could be looking at a cost of about US$2,004.28, which doesn't include the costs of frayed nerves and risks to health.

Rezin told me about Yod'm 3D, cubed multiple desktop software for Windows. A video of it in action can be found here

In a good example of Sony style a decapitated goat was the centerpiece of a party thrown by Sony to promote their PS2 game, God of War II. SMH have some more info on this. Many believe violent video games are unhealthy for kids. Last month, Sony proved it: A decapitated goat was the centerpiece of a party the company threw in Greece to promote the PlayStation 2 title "God of War II.".

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) has appeared in the Gym classes of American schools in 10 states. Childhood obesity is an increasing problem in the developed world, fed by a one-two punch of poor dietary options and a sedentary lifestyle. Video games are sometimes blamed for the appeal of sedentary living, but an article in the New York Times takes a look at one game that may provide a solution: Dance Dance Revolution, which has appeared as part of regular gym classes in at least 10 states.

Hardcoreware have posted their 10 best games on Nintendo's virtual console. Week-by-week, Nintendo’s list of Virtual Console titles keeps growing. As you can imagine, most of the games made available were huge hits back in the day when they were first introduced. But perhaps there are some games you might have missed - maybe you skipped the Nintendo 64, or were a Genesis fanboy rather than a Nintendo freak.

Internal sources are saying that Dell have chosen Ubuntu as the Linux they will be offering on some of their machines. While unable to confirm this through official Dell channels, we have heard the same story now from several internal Dell sources. They tell us that the Austin, Texas, computer giant will be preinstalling the newly released Ubuntu 7.04. These systems will be released in late May 2007.

Todays timewaster is from Gecko with the Four Second Firestorm. It is a series of games which each last four seconds each. Enjoy!

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