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Wednesday Afternoon (12 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 2-May-2007  13:23:32 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Sir_bazz sends word of a Photo Marketing Conference this week in Melbourne, with lots of photos being exhibited and a few OCAU people heading along. Entry is free if you pre-register on the website.

There's something of a riot going on over at Digg at the moment. The front page and upcoming stories page are both filled with stories about HD-DVD, apparently in response to Digg's editors removing a story revealing an encryption key. That key is now well and truly out of the bag it seems.

Some people are giving up and declaring email bankruptcy under a torrent of messages. The term "email bankruptcy" was coined by Stanford Law School professor Lawrence Lessig in 2004, when he was inundated with an average of 200 non-spam emails a day and had spent 80 hours in a week sorting through unanswered email. Tempting!

Sony's marketing department is under fire yet again, this time for a game launch party featuring topless girls (yay!) and a decapitated goat (boo). Critics condemned the entertainment giant, which produces scores of Hollywood blockbusters each year, for its "blood lust" and said the grotesque "sacrifice" highlighted increasing concerns over the content of video games and the lengths to which the industry will go to exploit youngsters. Sony has since apologised. "The goat was returned to the butcher," Sony said. "On this occasion we recognize that we fell short of our normal high standards of conduct."

IGN have posted their detailed thoughts about the CoD4: Modern Warfare trailer we linked yesterday. While there isn't any specific evidence that the environments will be destructible, we're certainly hopeful that the player's surroundings will be more dynamic than in previous titles. One shot in particular - of a car being crushed under the treads of a tank, really stood out as an indication that this may be the case.

HotHardware checked out a few USB flash drives. n this USB flash drive roundup, we take a close look at the features and performance of a 4GB OCZ Rally2, a 16GB OCZ Mega-Kart, a 1GB Kingston DataTraveler ReadyFlash, and an 8GB Corsair Voyager GT.

Qantas are apparently ditching Linux in favour of IBM's Unix variant AIX, thanks Craig. The airline's move would appear to go against an industry trend that has seen many enterprises migrate their Unix infrastructure from old variants of the operating system such as AIX, HP/UX and Solaris to Linux, the new kid on the block.

OZWolfBane and others are annoyed about a move from Creative. They say: we are pleased to announce that we have begun development of an implementation of ALchemy for Audigy series sound cards, and hope to offer this product as a low-cost upgrade to interested Audigy owners later this year. He says: I have never seen any company try to pull something like this. You don't see Nvidia and Ati/AMD trying to charge for making your older video card work with Vista. We bought the sound card and in that price a decent amount of time a support. My Audigy 2 was out when XP was around, and ONE OS upgrade later I lose support and must pay more money to get it back? Discussion thread here in our PC Audio forum.

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