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Saturday Afternoon (2 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 5-May-2007  16:02:37 (GMT +10) - by Rational

There is a new way of submitting news for use on the news page. Before you could have just emailed it to us at news@overclockers.com.au however a thread has been stickied in the Site Discussion forum for news submission. Now you can just post news in that thread with a link and brief description, however if you find emailing us easier that is fine.

Fester2001 spotted this article about the prosecutor who intends to press charges against the folks behind The Pirate Bay although they have expressed that they arn't very worried. Prosecutor Håkan Roswall has made it clear that he intends pressing charges against individuals connected with the Pirate Bay following a much-publicized raid on the file-sharing site's servers last year. Police and prosecutors confiscated the servers along with other computer equipment on May 31st 2006.

PCMech have posted an article about James Burgett who runs a computer recycling program. James Burgett has distributed over 16,000 repaired and recycled computers to schools and individuals who cannot afford personal computers and he properly processed thousands of tons of electronic waste annually.

TechwareLabs have taken a look at Hard Knocks a game which combines aspects from Airsoft and Laser tag. What you have here is the ability to use realistic weapons in real environments where strategy and teamwork are your key to survival and all without the need to purchase expensive equipment, wear face masks, or worry about walking home with bruises. No bunny hoppers here.

BonafideReviews have asked Video games and violence: Are they related?. Ever since the original Mortal Kombat and Sub Zero’s spine ripping bloody fatality, parents and legislators everywhere have been saying that interactive violence is corrupting our youth. Beyond all the murder movies, cop dramas, and music with “questionable lyrics”, Video Games have been labeled as a corrupting force, desensitizing our youth to violence, and warping their minds. They have been called “Murder Simulators” and “Training Devices” for people looking to commit violent acts.

XSReviews have posted some in game videos of Cell Factor which utilize the PhysX physics processor. Recently Ageia were kind enough to send me a pre-release copy of the upcoming PhysX showcase game, Cell Factor. I have been having a play with it and thought that since it isn't released for a few days that you all might be interested in seeing some gameplay videos from it. The demo that Ageia released of Cell Factor allowed you to play on a single map with the Black-Ops character. In the full game there are 6 maps which vary in size and detail and 3 character classes.

Check out this website which has a very creative flash intro. Hint: move your mouse around and click in the coloured circle.

Apparently IBM will be laying off 100,000 workers in the US. The point of this has nothing to do with the work itself and everything to do with the price of IBM shares. Remove at least 100,000 heads, eliminate the long-term drag of a defined-benefit pension plan, and the price of IBM shares will soar. This is exactly the kind of story Wall Street loves to hear. Palmisano and his lieutenants will retire rich. And not long after that IBM's business will crash for reasons I explain below.

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