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Tuesday Afternoon (3 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 8-May-2007  16:22:02 (GMT +10) - by Rational

The second episode of Good Game featuring the i4memory guys showing off their overclocking prowess will be screening tonight on ABC2. Tonights episode is featuring Kayl showing off Phase Change cooling. For those who are Digitally impaired you can download the entire episode right now here (92mb WMV), rated "M". There is a thread discussing this here.

16c_Killer spotted this article about the extradition of a man over piracy from Australia to America for prosecution. BEFORE he was extradited to the United States, Hew Griffiths, from Berkeley Vale in NSW, had never even set foot in America. But he had pirated software produced by American companies. Now, having been given up to the US by former justice minister Chris Ellison, Griffiths, 44, is in a Virginia cell, facing up to 10 years in an American prison after a guilty plea late last month.

The $100 laptop could run Windows although the guys behind the OLPC have no special partnership with Microsoft. Thanks Fester2001 for the link. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- One of the most ambitious aspects of the "$100 laptop" project for schoolchildren in developing countries is the machines' open-source software platform, designed to be intuitive for kids. That's why many people were taken aback last week when the founder of the nonprofit laptop project, Nicholas Negroponte, announced that buyers of the machine will be able to add Windows, the ultimate in proprietary software.

He also spotted this nasty Trojan posing as a Microsoft piracy control message which will shut down your machine if your computer does not comply with the instructions from the hacker. Symantec has spotted a realistic-looking trojan claiming to be from "Microsoft piracy control" that shuts down PCs if users don't comply with attackers' demands. The malware, named Trojan.Kardphisher by Symantec, is a garden variety social engineering attack, but it contains an authentic-looking message from Microsoft that asks for personal and financial information.

Outiv has made some nice high quality wallpapers of nature pictures and animals. You might want to Digg him and check out his site for all the different resolution wallpapers.

The talks between Microsoft and Yahoo are over after rumours this week of some sort of company deal between the two. Microsoft and Yahoo have explored working together since Microsoft moved its advertising sales onto its own platform - and off of Yahoo's - in the spring of 2006. One idea, strongly rebuffed by Yahoo, was that Microsoft take an equity stake in Yahoo while simultaneously spinning off its internet division and folding it into Yahoo.

Half Life 2 Episode Two is almost done and Valve have released some concept art for those who are interested. In the most recent Valve weekly update, the kids from Seattle promise they're putting the "final parts of Episode Two together" and tease fans with a look at the forthcoming expansion's concept art.

Damn Interesting have posted a new article about the Windscale Disaster which involved a nasty fire in a British Nuclear Plant. The year after the United States' first successful nuclear bomb test in July of 1945, the British government decided that they too must develop a nuclear program in order to maintain their position as a world power. This pilot project eventually developed into the Windscale Nuclear plant. In October 1957, after several years of successful operation, the workers at Windscale noticed some curious readings from their temperature monitoring equipment as they carried out standard maintenance. The reactor temperature was slowly rising during a time that they expected it to be falling.

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