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Thursday Afternoon (5 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 10-May-2007  16:52:56 (GMT +10) - by Rational

The much anticipated game, Spore has been delayed until 2008. Although console owners will have a cornucopia of titles to choose from this fall, PC gamers were looking forward to one in particular. Spore, the hugely ambitious new project from Sims creator Will Wright, was slated to be out later this year, and was presumed by many to be one of Electronic Arts' tentpole holiday releases.

HardOCP have looked at frame rates on XP and Vista on a variety of different games. A hotly debated and often-lamented issue with Vista is that it doesn’t appear to perform as well in 3D gaming as its predecessor, Windows XP. While some have reported no change in performance, we’ve seen poor driver support in Vista cause serious problems with performance and overall compatibility in various gaming titles.

DansData has posted some more letters. In this edition: Drop-down command lines, computers that don't turn off, tracking drive heads, old Radeon drivers, TMD fans, the vanishing -5V rail, and drives that spin up too often.

PCWorld have posted articles about the 10 things we love and hate about Apple. The company formerly known as Apple Computer and now called simply Apple, Inc. is unique in many ways--including in its ability to drive even folks who admire it positively batty.

AMD is praising its upcoming dual core processors which they say has significant advantages over Intel's offerings. Codenamed ‘Barcelona’, AMD has claimed that the new processors, based on SPECcpu2006 benchmarks, will command a 50 per cent advantage in floating point performance and 20 per cent integer performance over Intel’s fastest quad-core offering. AMD’s first quad-core chips are due this summer.

AMD are planning to bundle a Steam voucher in their latest graphics cards which are set to launch late July/early August. If you did not know, AMD and Valve are teaming up once again to bundle a Steam voucher in their upcoming range of HD 2900XT graphics cards. Here is some proof...

BonafideReviews have taken a quick look into the world of Professional Gaming and what it takes to get into it. Gaming, it’s a term that means many things to many people. Gaming like anything else exists on a spectrum. On one hand, there is gaming at its least concentration. This is what is known as casual gaming. On the other hand, there is gaming at its most and most serious concentration. This is what we call tournament or pro gaming. But, is the spectrum even that easily defined? Is there much of a difference between the two? What is it that makes a gamer “Pro.”

OverclockersClub have interviewed a guy from Mushkin and taken a tour around their offices. Mushkin. When most computer enthusiasts hear this name, they think high quality, top-of-the-line and superior performance. What makes this memory and power supply company such a driving force in their respective markets? On Thursday last week, I went to Mushkin’s Denver headquarters to find out everything I could about the company.

Bit-Tech have posted part 1 of their BaDassumption mod. Borne out of the "futuristic" designs of the 1960's, Pieter has created something that has never really been seen before in case modding. In my discussions with him over the past few months, I've been amazed at the unique ideas and attention to (very novel) detail that he's put into this mod. As an architect by day and an active and helpful modder in our forums by night, dutchcedar's log has been getting a lot of attention - and he's been nice enough to grant us the exclusive of the one, the only...

HardwareSecrets have checked out Readyboost enabled USB drives. Last time we visited Super Talent they showed us some “special” USB drives for Ready Boost, Windows Vista caching mechanism that at least in theory improves the PC performance. So what is special about them as any USB drive or memory card can be used for Ready Boost? What is different about them is the fact that instead of using the standard 4-pin USB connector, they use the 10-pin motherboard header connector and thus are targeted to be installed inside the PC (and not outside), directly on the motherboard.

Hardwarezone have posted a 12-Way NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS Shootout. DirectX 10 has gone mainstream with the release of NVIDIA's GeForce 8600 and 8500 series. With NVIDIA achieving another hard product launch milestone, there are many vendors all vying for your attention. Which NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS should you get? We rounded up 12 contenders for your consideration.

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