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Monday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 13-May-2002  14:41:14 (GMT +10) - by Agg

leperMessiah notes this TheInq page suggesting Sun will be using AMD's Opteron or SledgeHammer CPU's when they are available.

Thinking of going multi-monitor? This guide has a lot of tips and info.

From JimthePug: Hardly news but I filled out the EMI music survey you linked to a few weeks back, and today my shiny Gorillaz CD appeared in the mail. I was beginning to think it was a scam because it took so long for the cd to appear. I got a Cd for a few moments of my time. And I thank overclockers.com.au for linking it! No worries, I got my "Best Ever Air Guitar" CD too. :) A few other people in the forums got theirs also.. gotta love free stuff.

LeonD spotted this human ID-chipping story on LATimes. I view this stuff like browser cookies and many other technologies - there's nothing inherently evil about it, it's all in what you do with it.

A little more info about Microsoft being done for software piracy, thanks Ryan. Do as I Say, not Do as I DO.

If you think online petitions are likely to achieve anything and you want cheaper ADSL in Australia, try this one, thanks EB.

Nice tidy watercooled setup here from CP_Geek.

From Jeremy: I found these internet geography tools I though were kind of cool, thought you might be interested in a look here and here.

NeoSeeker have an article about their server upgrades.. probably not going to be long before we need to seriously think about splitting our site across 2 servers.

Funny alcohol warnings flash thing from Keith. We've seen this before and I've even seen the warning labels printed out and stuck to pool tables at a pub in Newtown (inner west Sydney) a few weeks ago. :)

FrostyTech have some hefty videocard cooling happening.

PCStats have an article about 3GIO aka PCI Express, a new I/O bus technology.

ExtremeOC are modding a fulltower case from Lian-Li.

Just want to let everyone know that TEAM GREEN OCAU have hit a quater of a million work units in 330 years of CPU time..... that'd be the SETI@Home Team, thanks RobsGT4.

ExtremeCooling have a brushless fan autopsy article.. we did the same thing to an IBM 75GXP hard drive late last month.

Anthony says some AMD Price Drops are on the way.

Nisch noticed this radio hat.. I think they are still making more modern versions of that. :)

OCNZ tried cooling their reservoir water with a peltier device.

Win a GF4 MX460 (Oz entries only!) on GeForceZone.
Win a Hydraulic colour case on OCrsClub.

Logitech z560 speakers on OCMelbourne.
GLOBALWIN TAK-68 vs COOLINK H2TWIN socket coolers on TweakNews.
Hercules XPS 510 Active 5.1 speakers on Digit-Life.
PCLincs 12" Green Cold Cathode on BlargOC.
Dangerden Maze 2 waterblock on BlargOC.
The Italian Job game on 3DAvenue.. great film, game not so good.
Glowire Lazer LED on GideonTech.
Unitech Optimus 7500 Ultra Radeon-based video card on RageUnderground.
Coolermaster HHC-L61 Alps socket cooler on Cipher.
GlobalWin TAK68 and CAK-II 16 coolers on HardwarePub.
Sound Damping Set for Chieftech cases (german review) on PC-Max.
Gainward GF4 Ti4200 video card on GamePC, thanks Simon.
Xoxide Z-60 ClearStorm ULTRA premodded case on Heatseekerz.

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