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Modding Forum Activities (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 12-May-2007  19:06:05 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Here are some of the various projects being undertaken by users of our Modding Forum.

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Thomas505 is modding his case for his water cooling setup and custom resevoir. - Hi all, decided to have a go at modding one of my cases to enable better airflow/watercooling. I started out with a generic case bought from the computer fair a while back, and modded it to have an extra 80mm fan at the top and added holes in the front facade to give the front fan more airflow. You can see my attempt in the image below.

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Pugsley_21 wants to run his switch fanless. - Can i run my 16-port switch without a fan? It usually has a 5v 40mm fan, but that has died and i'm not having much luck finding a replacement. So can i run it without said fan?

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Stoj19 is moddding his Thermaltake Soprano case. - I have owned a Thermaltake Soprano case for nearly a year now, but I have recently purchase a scythe fan controller which might I add is wicked, but the front door doesn't close so I had some ideas in my head and begin on my first modding quest. Here is the inside of my case at the moment.

And finally elementalelf posted a modding tip on how to make something useful out of perspex sawdust. You know the dust you get all over the place after jigsawwing or sanding perspex? Collect as much of that as you can into a cup, fill with water, pespex should stay at the bottom, dirt and shit floats to the top. Scoop the dirt off the top, empty water and leave dust to dry. Whenever you need something to glue 2 pieces of perspex together, get as much dust as you need, put it in a NON plastic container, fill(just over the perspex) with nail polish remover, and leave for about 2 hours, the paste that remains is a GREAT perspex glue.

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