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Friday Evening (7 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 25-May-2007  17:38:49 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Fester2001 sent in this article about IPv4 addresses running out which could happen by 2010 forcing a move to IPv6. A detailed report on this subject can be found here. Today, the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) published a resolution its Board of Trustees had passed on IP number availability. In short, the resolution says that since IPv4 addresses are running out, ARIN should "take any and all measures necessary to assure veracity of applications to ARIN for IPv4 numbering resources" and "encourage migration to IPv6 numbering resources where possible."

It seems that Epox isn't doing so well however some say they are relaunching the company under a different name. It looks like second tier motherboard manufactuer EPoX has kicked the bucket - rumour has it staff haven't been paid for as long as two months. Despite the last update to their website being over a month old with a link to our EPoX MCP68 Review; the company seems recalcitrant to acknowledge its insolvency. Employees have left in floods.

Proposals in the US congress are trying to push through various Internet taxes including email and sales taxes. Thanks Craig for the link. State and local governments this week resumed a push to lobby Congress for far-reaching changes on two different fronts: gaining the ability to impose sales taxes on Net shopping, and being able to levy new monthly taxes on DSL and other connections. One senator is even predicting taxes on e-mail.

An Ipod sex toy, the aptly named iGasm has annoyed Apple over their advertising posters which resemble the Ipod posters. A vibrating sex toy accessory for the iPod appears to have got Apple's legal team all hot and bothered. Adult store Ann Summers, seller of the "iGasm", told the British tabloid News of the World that Apple's legal team had threatened it with legal action over its advertising posters.

Intel have created a really thin prototype laptop which looks amazing. Lord have mercy, Intel has just created a laptop that's as pretty as a supermodel, and thinner, too. Codenamed the Intel Mobile Metro Notebook, this prototype was designed by Intel along with Ziba Design, and it's a mere .7 inches thick and weighs just 2.25 pounds. It's no dumb blonde, either, packed with Intel's speediest and most efficient components, which will probably be plenty fast by the time this machine is manufactured, maybe even as soon as the end of this year.

People are less bothered by spam nowerdays due anti spam services including filters. Internet users are being plagued by more spam e-mails but are less bothered by the onslaught of unsolicited pitches, according to a report released Wednesday. The survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that 37 percent of consumers said they are getting more spam in their personal e-mail accounts than in the past. However, only 18 percent called spam a big problem, down from a quarter of all respondents four years ago.

Check out this video of a popup storm on an obviously unprotected PC. I don't know how true it is but it is pretty funny.

Leave it up to Sony to do this, it better be a pretty special screw to cost 61 euro.

Damn Interesting has posted an article on a very interesting concept, the uncanny valley which describes human reaction to things that resemble but not are exactly like humans. It explains why we find things like prosthetic hands and zombies creepy. Csimpson on IRC thinks video games are starting to reach the uncanny valley. The strikingly realistic robot has since been met largely with wonder and admiration, which could mark success for Ishiguro in more ways than the obvious. Although Ishiguro's earlier android projects were only a little less realistic, they tended to disturb viewers. This is consistent with a 1970 hypothesis by Dr. Masahiro Mori, another Japanese roboticist. Although not yet well-investigated by science, Mori's "Uncanny Valley" theory holds that as a simulation of a human being's appearance and/or motion becomes increasingly accurate, there is very suddenly a point at which humans' interest in the creation turns into utter repulsion.

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