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Tuesday Nightish (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 15-May-2002  00:09:33 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Still getting loads of virus emails and so is Vindaloo.. if you haven't updated your antivirus software in a while, do it now! If you're not running antivirus software at all, just lean forward and smack your face into your monitor a few times for me. Ta.

Oh yeah, the "win a fridge full of beer" thing is apparently open to Victorian residents only. Bummer.. sorry about that. Unless you live in Victoria of course, in which case.. well, we're sorry about that, too.

The big news for today: Someone has emailed around a press-release, apparently about an upcoming Matrox card. Tweakers wonder if it's a hoax, ParadoX spotted a thread over in the MatroxUsers forum, Digit-Life have the first full review, HWZ have an article about the technology, HardOCP have their coverage too, but their server seems to be down for me at the moment.. HotHardware have a preview and so do Tech-Report. What's so cool about this new card? Well, 3 monitors at once is fairly neat for a start..

This is kinda old news but it's good to see what's happened lately with it. Sealand is a sort've privately-owned pseudo-country, a tiny dot in the ocean that HavenCo are using to build what they're hoping is the world's most secure datacentre. More info here and here - and all that info's from Andrew.

Gnuthad brings up some interesting points about microsoft licensing in a forum thread.

Wired say that PC noise is annoying.

Voodoo spotted the ultimate Geekmobile.

There's a few broken pictures, but you can see another foam PC project in the PCDB.. more info here.

Tweakers have a ATA100 vs ATA133 comparison.. you should probably also check out our RAID-0 Shootout with ATA100 and ATA133 if you're interested.

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