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Wednesday Midday (4 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 30-May-2007  12:46:58 (GMT +10) - by Agg

From V8R: Bit of an impromptu meet n beat at Action Paintball, Rouse Hill this Saturday if anyone is interested. See thread here.

Sadly the Linux car was first to crash in the Indy 500 held recently. The Linux car, as you probably know already, was the result of a campaign called Tux 500, jump-started by two enthusiasts named Bob Moore and Ken Starks. They solicited donations from fellow Linux fans in a "community powered Linux marketing program" to make the open-source operating system a household name by putting its logo on a race car.

From Matt: Pipenetworks have a detailed day by day blog...from nothing to a fully functional data centre in Brisbane in 60 days!!! They are up to day 45 and it's going along quite smoothly. There is a live webcam which is updated every 300 seconds (5 minutes)..incase u folks are getting board of watching Big Brother 2007 :P Thread here. I've built a few datacentres in my time, it's a big job.

From Murray: Kellogs no longer import pop tarts into Australia! It's a disgrace, bring them back I say.
There is an online petition here. Its time to make a stand!!!!
Not too fussed about pop-tarts myself, but don't anybody touch my microwave burritos..

From Thhhza: Back in the good old days (1999ish-2003?) we had a server called AUS-1 for us Starcraft players. It was an Aussie server to replace the Battle.net ones in the US and Asia where we all had dialup back then so lag was a big issue. Well, this server is back (2 months ago?) due to the re-emergence of Starcraft because of the announcement of Starcraft 2.

Craig spotted an interesting review on Anandtech, of Supermicro's 16 cores in 1RU server. The big idea behind the Twin Server is that Supermicro puts two nodes in a 1U pizza box. The first advantage is that processing power density is at least twice as high as a typical 1U, and even higher than many (much more expensive) blade systems.

At Interop recently a company called ioSafe set fire to their product to demonstrate it preserving the hard drives and data within. The storage unit is set on fire as part of the demo to show that ioSafe technology can protect the data inside from fire and flood.

From Keltoi: I just noticed that 3FL (3 frags left) has just updated their website and they have an awesome comp where you can win old school DVDís of classic cartoons like Transformers, He-Men etc. Oh you just have to signup for their newsletter to enter the comp.

Tweaktown have an article about power consumption while gaming. With our new toy, the Prova Power Analyzer WM-01, or as popular TweakTown staff like refer to it - that power thingy, it was time to get down and dirty to see what your games are doing to the environment. Are multiplayer gamers that play games based on the Source engine looking after the environment more than those playing Prey?

From MetalPhreak: Saw the news post with the link to OCWorkBench about modding the X-Fi sound cards. A friend of mine linked me to this guide here. Seems like its got a few more advanced tweaks and mods.

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