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Proposed Domain Changes (40 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 1-June-2007  13:26:04 (GMT +10) - by Agg

John wanted to make us aware of something:

Pay attention to what auDA is considering doing to your .au domains!

With very little publicity, the manager of Australia’s domain names, auDA has released a new proposal for what could be the most radical (and controversial) change to the Internet ever in Australia. auDA is currently seeking public comment on an issues paper released by its 2007 Names Review Panel.

That issues paper includes three proposals:
  1. to re-shape the .au domain into a horizontal structure by permitting registrations of any second level .au domain, such as domainname.au;
  2. to change the current rules for .au domains, and
  3. possibly allowing the private re-sale of .au domains.
If approved, these proposed changes could impose massive transition costs onto the rest of the Australian economy whilst enriching domain name registries and re-sellers. Eg: imagine having spent millions of dollars promoting your business’ current website (eg foo.com.au) only to see someone else register foo.au and then offer to sell it back to you for a “small” markup.

Removing the current requirement to register third level domain names within second-level .au domains (such as .com.au, .org.au, .net.au, .gov.au, .id.au) and only having .au domains would also risk preventing the gradual creation of new second-level domains to meet new society-wide needs (eg .xxx.au or .bank.au) as those needs are identified in the future. It would simply be too late if that .au domain has already been privately registered.

These proposals have not received much public attention (only ten submissions so far). If you are concerned about ensuring your voice is heard on these proposed changes to the .au domain, read through the issues paper and make a (polite) submission by sending your comments to:

Jo Lim
Chief Policy Officer, auDA
email: jo.lim@auda.org.au
fax: 03 8341 4112

Comments must be sent in before 15 June 2007.

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