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Saturday Morning (10 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 2-June-2007  09:59:24 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Todays internet tip is: if you like having your internet, try your best to pay your ISP.

Ben sent in info about a two seater car which obtains 1L per 100km fuel economy. The 1-litre car is powered by a one-cylinder diesel engine, centrally positioned in front of the rear axle and combined with an automated direct shift gearbox. The crankcase and cylinder head of the 0.3-litre engine are of an aluminium monobloc construction. The naturally aspirated, direct-injection diesel engine employs advanced high-pressure unit injection technology to generate 6.3 kW (8.5 bhp) at 4,000 rpm. This gives the vehicle, which weights just 290 kg, an astonishingly lively temperament.

The IFPI have released a set of "inconvenient truths" about file swapping aiming at discouraging users from doing it. But does purchasing one of these discs mean that you could be supporting terrorism? According to the IFPI, it does. The group yesterday released a list of 10 "inconvenient truths" about music, and it makes for interesting reading.

PQI have unveiled the largest solid state drive yet sizing up at 256GB with 60MB/s transfer rates. However by looking at the cost of the chips, it is going to be expensive. PQIs 256GB SSD Turbo+ features transfer rates of up to 60MB/s, a figure that cannot be achieved on current hard disk drives. In addition, the new product has better reliability, power consumption and sizes. The price of the device is not announced, however, it is as unprecedented as the capacity of the 256GB solid state drive.

Phoronix have posted an article about ATI/AMD and Linux, namely display driver issues. It's no secret that ATI Technologies has had a rough time in the past delivering display drivers that met the expectations of their customers. When ATI started out producing a FireGL and Radeon Linux driver they for some time were greatly behind NVIDIA's feature-rich driver.

PCPer posted an article about the Intel V8 platform. Secondly, even though very few of you will see the advantages of running an 8-way system, there is still a group of individuals that WILL be able utilize all the power this kind of system presents. Home-based AutoCAD users, heavy media creation users or rendering artists that have some extra cash will surely see substantial productivity increases when moving to an Intel "V8" system configuration.

PCMech have written about the future of touch screens from Microsoft. Imagine a computer with an advanced, multi-purpose, touch screen that responds to your every touch. Now rotate the screen onto a horizontal plane and imagine a slew of interactive photos, puzzle pieces, or even paint cans, appearing on the screen so you can tangibly manipulate the objects with virtual freedom. Such a device would awe and amaze you, wouldn't it?

According to ITWire PS3 production drop rumors are greatly exaggerated. Rumors around the production levels dropping slightly and a possible market price drop for the Sony flagship have had industry Analysts busy all week.

David spotted this video of an advanced touch screen computer, I wonder if Microsoft got any inspiration from it for their "Microsoft Surface" product.

Dell is set to lay off 10% of its workforce as a part of an ongoing restructuring. Dell said on Thursday that earnings rose 8 per cent in preliminary first-quarter results, but the computer maker planned to lay off about 8000 employees over the next year as part of an ongoing restructuring.

Damn Interesting have posted a story about Halfnium bombs which could hold the secret to small yet powerful explosive weapons. If his conclusions are accurate, Collins and his colleagues may have found the key to developing fist-sized bombs which can deliver destruction equivalent to a dozen tons of conventional explosives. Despite considerable skepticism from the scientific community, the US Department of Defense has since spent millions of dollars probing the physicist's findings.

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