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Sunday Morning (14 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 3-June-2007  07:58:24 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Check out this website which estimates your BAC by looking at what you have drunk and how long ago and comparing it to your height and weight characteristics. The following BAC% which will be displayed is an estimate only and should not be used as a method or tool to decide whether or not to drive a car or operate a vehicle. Under no circumstances should you drink and drive. Your own BAC% will be affected by much more than just age, weight and amount of drinks consumed. Among the other factors include how much alcohol you normally consume, how long since you last ate food, your height, age, fitness level and more.

CeeJay spotted that new ATI/AMD Catalyst Drivers are out. The release notes can be found here. This release note provides information on the latest posting of AMD's industry leading software suite, Catalyst™. This particular software suite updates both the AMD Display Driver, and the Catalyst™ Control Center. This unified driver has been further enhanced to provide the highest level of power, performance, and reliability. The AMD Catalyst™ software suite is the ultimate in performance and stability.

Craig spotted that new Nvidia drivers are out which can be downloaded here. This morning NVIDIA released new drivers for Windows Vista and XP users for GeForce 6 and newer graphic processors. The Windows Vista drivers are up to ForceWare Release 158 version 158.24 while Windows XP users are stuck with ForceWare Release 90 version 94.24.

Craig sent in this story about a naming change for AMD processors which gets rid of the old performance rating system among other things. AMD will introduce a new modeling system for its processors. Under the new naming scheme, the performance rating goes away in favor of an alphanumeric model.

A company has released an all weather outdoor TV which is water proof and has a special casing. SunBriteTV is introducing a 46-inch HD-ready all-weather outdoor LCD at InfoComm, June 15-17, in Anaheim, Calif. SunBrite Model 4600HD is built for permanent outdoor residential and commercial installation. The corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum exterior protects the internal TV components from rain, dirt, insects, margarita spills and other outdoor elements.

IGN have posted pics of the upcoming Guitar Hero guitar controller. First of all, the wireless Xbox 360 controller will work with Guitar Hero II. The wired controller, if you have one already, will work with Guitar Hero III. Don't worry about being forced to double dip. The buttons have been changed from what we saw on the 360 controller to closer match the original PS2 layout. The round "knob" buttons for the start and back/select buttons are back so that people who prefer to use the back/select button to activate star power can once again do so. The more prominent start button also allows for players to pause the game more readily.

Some people are expressing concerns over Google's new street level view.Given the detail with which Google Maps' new Street View lets users “view and navigate within 360 degree street level imagery” of selected streets in selected US cities, concern for people’s privacy implications has been raised.

Details are emerging on the empire of the Spam King who was recently caught. Robert Soloway, accused of being the "Spam King," made more than $1 million over four years by sending millions of pieces of spam for a business he said he started when he was 16, federal investigators said. Newly released court documents show that investigators believe that Soloway, 27, who has long been reviled by international anti-spam groups, sent more than 90 million e-mails in three months, through just two of the servers he used.

Todays timewaster is from Joanna with Yoko Ruta, a sidescrolling puzzle game where you move blocks around to get the key to open the door.

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