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Monday Evening (5 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 4-June-2007  19:00:55 (GMT +10) - by Rational

The Apple iPhone is set to be coming later this month but The Register thinks they won't sell 10 million of them this year. Craig also sent in an article about it. The vast majority of those phones are super cheap. The smartphone category, which is closest to iPhone territory, is very different. Symbian has sold 100 million smartphones in the last 10 years. BlackBerry hasn't reached the 10 million figure yet. It's a bit like saying the world car market is 18 million cars so McLaren can sell 180,000 because that's only one per cent. In practice, it sold 28 cars last year.

It seems that quad core processors are coming to notebooks. Thanks Craig for the link. Set for release in 2008, the quad-core mobile processor is aimed at high-level gaming and mobile computers, where users will trade battery life for more performance. While the most demanding users (including gamers and those doing video editing) always want more processing power, this chip won't appear in standard business notebooks for some time.

He also sent in this article about the USB bootable TurboLinux. The TurboLinux Wizpy, a multimedia media player that contains a PC-bootable version of the Linux operating system, will go on sale worldwide in June. TurboLinux Inc. designed the device based on its own distribution of Linux and will target the same market overseas as it has done in Japan: early adopters who are curious about using Linux but either don't want to or can't install the operating system.

Valve have updated their hardware survey which collects information from over 320,000 users of the Steam software.

SMH have taken a look at some of the privacy issues with Google Street View. No sooner had the oohs and aahs died down after last week's release of Google's new eye-popping street-level imagery service than the privacy concerns began rearing up. Google Maps Street View is a feature on a free service that enables users to call up photos taken on the streets which then can be panned 360 degrees, zoomed in and out and tilted up and down.

A Second Life land dispute has has moved into federal court. Linden Lab has long maintained that virtual "property" owned by its residents in Second Life belongs to the players. Therefore, things like virtual clothing, buildings, and land all legitimately belong to the residents who created or purchased them, and the burgeoning trade of such is legitimate. Linden Lab sells "land" to residents directly—which translates in real life to server space for the land and things that are built on it—and does so through online auctions.

Somebody over at the Ubuntu Forum has posted their experience with one of Dell's Linux machines. I received my XPS with Ubuntu today. The first thing I will say is that when the Fedex guy delivered it he asked if Dell was having some kind of liquidation sale because he has delivered more Dells today than ever before. He told me that he had already delivered five and there were eleven more on the truck. (Just throwing that out there.)

Check out this interesting online clock which measures time in concentric circular bars.

For those who didn't notice, Firefox has been updated to version which fixes a variety of things including a minor security problem.

Shawn sent in word of the release of the new Internode ADSL plans.

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