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Tuesday Morning (2 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 5-June-2007  10:57:49 (GMT +10) - by Rational

DDR3-2000 memory has been spotted in Taipei. TEAM GROUP IS a name we have not heard before, but these guys have been receiving some serious praise from some of the world's best overclockers who have gathered here in Taipei. We dropped down to their booth and spooted a DDR3-2000 module and a DDR2-1333.

The domain name market is experiencing a resurge. FOR years, gleeful capitalists have read about moon-shot domain speculation deals, as when Marc Ostrofsky sold the Business.com domain and turned his $US150,000 ($A183,000) investment into a $7.5 million sale. But the domain name market itself has had a phenomenal revival.

Microsoft has done a patent deal with Xandros Linux in a similar fashion to the Novell Microsoft deal. Days after the latest draft of the GPLv3 that was released, seemingly giving the all-clear to the Microsoft/Novell deal but wanting to prevent further such deals from arising, Microsoft and Xandros seem to have ignored it with their announcement of a 5 year deal.

One of the most notorious RIAA cases has been dismissed by both parties hence making the defendant the prevailing party and able to recover attorneys fees. Tanya Andersen was originally sued by the RIAA in 2005. She's a disabled single mother with a nine-year-old daughter living in Oregon; she was targeted by the music industry for downloading gangster rap over Kazaa under the handle "gotenkito." She denied engaging in piracy and in October 2005, she filed a countersuit accusing the record industry of racketeering, fraud, and deceptive business practices, among other things.

Apparently the PS1 is an audiophile dream machine. So wait, the old beatup PS1 that I gave to my friend is a high-end audiophile machine? There's no way this can be true! Yet Riku was kind enough to provide us some links from 6moons that talk about the power of Sony's debut console.

Supercomputing giant Cray are not doing so well financially with the possibility of not showing a profit this year. Supercomputer maker Cray said it may not post a profit in 2007 due to a delay in the launch of its XT4 supercomputer system, sending its shares down more than 12 percent.

Asus has announced an overclockable notebook computer. Asustek, leading motherboard manufacturer, has entered the market with an overclockable, modular laptop, the C90, announced in the lead-up to the planetís second largest computer show, Computek in Taiwan.

Bill Gates has hinted at a motion sensitive controller for the Xbox 360. A recent D5 (all things Digital) interview with both Apple founder Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, had the Microsoft head hint at a new motion sensitive controller for the Xbox 360.

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