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Wednesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 6-June-2007  07:06:55 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Intel has updated their Fortran and C++ compilers to allow easier utilization of multi core processors. Intel has announced major updates for its C++ and Fortran tools, updates that are aimed at making it easier for programmers to exploit thread-level and data-level parallelism in multicore processors. On the data parallelism side, the Intel C++ Compiler and Fortran Professional Editions both sport improved auto-vectorization features that can target Intel's new SSE4 extensions.

CNet have posted an article about the people behind the DARPA robotic car race. Pedestrians' incredulity aside, there are 53 teams working on autonomous vehicles that see the Urban Challenge as anything but a joke. The month of June is crucial for contestants because DARPA is making the rounds for so-called site visits, prequalification meetings in which the military's research and development arm will evaluate each team's viability to compete.

An ABS report is saying that our usage of high speed broadband (>1.5Mbps) is increasing rapidly and Dialup usage is decreasing. The Australian Bureau of Statistics' latest Internet Activity Survey shows a 43 percent increase in the number of broadband services with bandwidth higher than 1.5Mbps since September, a 21 percent increase in download volumes and a 16 percent decline in dial up numbers.

Apple has released new Macbook Pro notebook computers with faster processors running on Intel's Santa Rosa chipset. As expected, Apple today announced new MacBook Pros – less than a week before the start of their Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) which kicks off in San Francisco next week.

Thermalright are making heat pipe based cases which basically turns the entire case into a heatsink. The first one, the HSC-100, is in tower format, while the latter is a desktop case. Both are essentially giant heatsinks connecting the processor to fins across the case surface via multiple heat pipes. This form of cooling is efficient enough to remove the need for a fan to cool the processor. Nonetheless, system temperatures should be higher than with a standard fan-cooled setup setup—unless you crank the AC up, Thermalright says.

Intel's new 975X replacement chipset, the X38 is surfacing. New to the Intel X38 Express is support for dual full-speed PCIe 2.0 x16 slots. The dual PCIe 2.0 slots are compatible with AMD’s CrossFire technology for multi-GPU graphics processing. Motherboard manufacturers are also free to equip Intel X38 Express based boards with a third physical PCIe 2.0 x16 for triple-play physics.

Bit-Tech have posted an article about how to make your own Linux server. After showing that one of the known pitfalls of Linux isn't as bad as most expected, it's about time to get things into gear and show one of the strengths of Linux. It's a known fact that Linux (or any other flavour of 'Nix) is a great OS to run on that low power, the-day-before-yesterday's-generation hardware.

Craig sent in a couple of articles about the 30 year anniversary of Apple Computer which started selling their first practical personal computer (Apple II) on July the 5th 1977. Apple is older than probably half the people reading this post. My very first computer experience in about 1982 was on an Apple II. Even when I finished my secondary education in 1993 my school still ran Apple II e’s, despite the growth of the DOS/ PC market at the time.

AMD have announced processor pricecuts which were expected some time last week.

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