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Sunday Morning (5 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 17-June-2007  11:15:24 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Unsurprisingly Spore has been delayed until 2008 or perhaps even later. It's such a huge concept I wonder if we'll ever see it in the form of the original demo video.

Andypoo sends word of Skype for Linux 1.4 Beta.. and something about cucumbers. The big news of this release is the support of glibc 2.3 systems. What this means is that Skype 1.4 will now run on some older systems without upgrading the base system. This includes a fair few distributions out there, based on the feedback we received from 1.4 Alpha.

I found the Dilbert blog from Scott Adams in my wanderings. Itís a bit unnerving to know that 27,000 years after I die, some goober can dig me up and start guessing what my life was like. Thatís why I want to be buried with a kangaroo, a piano, and a bottle of mustard. I donít want it to be too easy.

A Queensland family has lost $1.3M in a Nigerian inheritance scam recently. During the scam, which lost the Baker family between $1.3 million and $1.5 million since early 2005, Mr Baker travelled to Europe three times, where he was shown an elaborate ruse of fake government officialdom in Spain, Italy and Holland and was taken to a Spanish bank and shown a case of United States currency that was supposedly the inheritance.

NASA has cleared Atlantis to return to Earth following repairs to the heat shield. They also managed to fix the problems encountered with the ISS's computers during the mission. NASA officials said the crew was never in danger of running out of oxygen, power or essentials.

A few more people have toured factories in China: HWLogic and LegitReviews went to ECS, while Hexus toured Cooler Master's factory and ExtremeTech went to Gigabyte's, thanks Craig.

An odd one from Dan: Do you know where minimised windows go? Do you know how Windows knows where to draw an icon? I've found the answers to these, and some other, Zen computing questions. I'm not entirely sure I'm better off knowing, but if you're curious too, you can read all about it.

SiliconAngel pointed out this solar tower power station. It is Europe's first commercially operating power station using the Sun's energy this way and at the moment its operator, Solucar, proudly claims that it generates 11 Megawatts (MW) of electricity without emitting a single puff of greenhouse gas. This current figure is enough to power up to 6,000 homes. I'm sure I remember seeing a similar concept a few years ago.

HotHardware checked out Intel's V8 platform in detail. At the heart of the V8 machine were two quad-core Xeon processors, a dual-socket S5000XVN motherboard, and 4GB of RAM. No doubt a powerful system. But there was only so much Intel could convey in a 'quick and dirty' demo. To assess the true power and capabilities of V8, we'd have to gain unfettered access to the machine and put it through its paces on our own terms and with our own suite of benchmarks. And that's exactly what we've done.

From SN: BigPondģ Games has joined forces with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) to give you the opportunity of a lifetime to turn your game idea into reality. If you have a good idea for a game, whether it's a simple, catchy puzzle or a strategic epic - tell us about it! If our expert panel judges it the best, you could see your vision realised as a hot new game. There's a swag of prizes to be won including an ACMI prize packs, Telstra Next Gô mobiles, BigPond high-speed broadband packages, BigPond Games, Music and Movie download vouchers - and much more!

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