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Wednesday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 20-June-2007  21:49:29 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Wired have posted some of the best gadgets of all time. If you consider gadgets' impact on humanity, wireless devices barely scratch the surface. How about the first color television? The first PowerBook? The first Mr. Coffee automatic drip coffeemaker, without which life as we know it would be virtually impossible?

The latest Game Informer reports are saying that Spore is "delayed indefenantly". The latest Game Informer reports that Spore has been "delayed indefinitely", but reached for comment today, Electronic Arts says that "Spore has slipped out of fiscal 08 and into fiscal 09". Either way you cut it, it means that the game we've all been waiting to play on our computers isn't coming anytime soon.

The Julie Amero porn popup case is spawning an effort to educate courts and legislators about technology. A group of security professionals, legal experts, and educators who helped former Connecticut substitute teacher Julie Amero overturn a conviction on charges of exposing her students to pornographic pop-up ads has formed a permanent organisation that aims to educate the courts and legislators about technology, crime, and digital forensics.

237 miles is the new WiFi record set by a techie in Venezuela. A Venezuelan techie apparently has set a new record for longest WiFi link. Networking guru Ermanno Pietrosemoli established a wireless connection between a PC in El Aguila, Venezuela, and one in Platillon Mountain, a distance of about 237 miles, mostly using off-the-shelf equipment and a few hacked parts.

AMD is considering getting out of the fabrication business. Speculation is building in the analyst community that AMD will attempt to further cut costs by outsourcing more—or all—of its chip making as early as 2008. One Citigroup analyst is predicting a "transformational move" that would result in AMD's lower-end CPUs being manufactured by a third party and possibly selling off part or all of its Dresden, Germany facility.

Microsoft has agreed to alter Vista to resolve a dispute with Google. San Francisco, June 20: Microsoft agreed to modify its Vista operating system to resolve Google's complaints that the program's design hurts competing search software in violation of a 2001 anti-trust settlement. The accord, reached with the US Justice Department and state anti-trust regulators, addresses complaints by Google, owner of the world's most-used internet search engine, that its desktop search program doesn't perform properly on Vista.

Youtube has announced more international versions of the site in addition to the current languages available to deepen it's presence in non English speaking nations. The popular video-sharing website YouTube has announced the launch of international services in nine languages, a fresh step by parent company Google to deepen its presence in Europe. Local language versions are now available in Britain, Brazil, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen told a news conference in Paris.

Microsoft has changed its mind over loosening Vista virtualization rights. Microsoft planned this week to announce that it was broadening the virtualization rights for Windows Vista, but decided at the last minute to reverse course and stick with existing limits. The software maker had briefed reporters and analysts on plans to allow the Home versions of Vista to run in virtual machines, addressing criticisms from virtualization enthusiasts and Mac users who had chafed at having to buy one of the two priciest versions of Windows in order to run Vista in a virtual machine.

Two law students are attempting to sue the Admin and 28 users of a forum for personal attacks. Two law school students filed a lawsuit against the administrator of a web site and 28 of the site's users last week for psychological and economic injury. The two plaintiffs, anonymously listed as Doe I and Doe II, are female students at Yale Law School and claim that the users of a third-party law school message board have consistently and regularly made such disparaging remarks about their characters.

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