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Saturday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 23-June-2007  20:12:13 (GMT +10) - by Rational

AMD's Phenom CPU's are set to launch in November, thanks Justin. AMD is planning to begin test-production on the CPUs between September and October in order to start shipping in November, said the sources. Of the four products to launch in 2007, one will be in the enthusiast Phenom FX range, the FX-80, two in the quad-core Phenom X4, the GP-7100 and GP-7000, and one in the dual-core Phenom X2, the GS-6550.

Mandriva Linux has rejected a Microsoft deal, thanks fester2001. French Linux vendor Mandriva is the third Linux operating system company in a week to say it's not interested in any licensing deal with Microsoft to avoid possible patent infringement claims.

AMD's Athlon X2 BE-series processors are nowhere to be seen two weeks after their launch. Two weeks have passed since AMD launched its Athlon X2 BE-series processors, and while AMD claimed the chips would be available immediately, they're still nowhere to be found in North America.

PCStats have created a maximum motherboard overclocking chart listing boards and their maximum overclock. Wondering what's the fastest motherboard is on the planet? PCSTATS dishes out our list of the best overclocking boards we've tested, for both AMD Socket AM2 and Intel Socket 775 processors! The motherboard overclocking results are ranked by highest Front Side Bus clock speed.

LegionHardware have posted this months mid range PC buyers guide. For $1300 US this is an impressive mid-range gaming system that uses quality components. The motherboard, memory and processor are highly recommended for this build. The rest of the hardware can be modified to save money, but we again recommend you use the selected components, particularly the graphics card.

IGN have posted the top 10 Xbox Live Arcade games. There are now 64 games available to Aussie Xbox 360 owners on Live Arcade, and the paucity of good titles that once characterised the service has been well and truly brushed aside. Nowadays there's a broad cross-section of gaming on offer, from retro titles to classic reinventions and brand new indie games, so whether you're as hardcore as they come, or just after something fun to play with friends, chances are there's something for you on Live Arcade.

Google is saying that the Vista search changes are not enough, thanks Craig. In response, Google said yesterday that the remedies don't go far enough. Google chief legal officer David Drummond said in a statement, "We are pleased that as a result of Google's request that the consent decree be enforced, the Department of Justice and state attorneys general have required Microsoft to make changes to Vista."

Craig sent in this story about a problem with Keychain on Apple Macs caused by a corrupted file. As it turns out, the cause in that case was a corrupted file deep inside the invisible /var directory; specifically, /var/db/CodeEquivalenceDatabase. Because of this corruption, securityd—a background process that handles keychain access—kept trying and trying to access the file, sucking up RAM.

The Apple iPhone is spurring a wave of touch sensitive gadgets. Apple's iPhone is leading a new wave of gadgets using touch-sensitive screens that react to taps, swishes or flicks of a finger. The improvements promise to be slicker and more intuitive than the rough stomp of finger presses and stylus-pointing required by many of today's devices.

The DrinkorDie warez leader has been jailed for 51 months after being extradited from Australia. It took a while, but US Customs today got their man: Hew Raymond Griffiths, a ringleader of the infamous warez group DrinkorDie, was sentenced today to 51 months in a US prison.

Damn Interesting have posted an article about the Norwegian heavy water plant and the plot to destroy it during WW2. On 19 November 1942, a pair of Royal Air Force Halifax bombers shouldered their way through thick winter clouds over Norway with troop-carrying assault gliders in tow. Inside each glider a payload of professional saboteurs from the 1st British Airborne Division weathered a rough ride as the planes approached their intended landing site on frozen lake Møsvatn.

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